All-Star Weekend Break

The bucks didn’t play this week and instead the all-star break occurred. I had the opportunity to watch all of the events and will be talking about that instead. To start at the skills challenge, I was quite surprised to see some of the contestants that were in it, and was most surprised by who won it. Coming into it I would’ve thought that Chris Paul or Luka Doncic would’ve won the skills challenge. But they both lost first. I was also surprised that someone like Robert Covington was even in the challenge, as I’ve never seen him with much skill other than shooting. Domantas Sabonis won the challenge beating every contestant which was surprising to me but I knew he was a capable passer. For the dunk contest there really isn’t anything to write home about. I feel as if I’ve seen the dunks before and they just weren’t that exciting. It’s hard to compare because of all the great dunkers in the past like Vince carter, Zach Lavine, Clyde Drexler and much more, so I just don’t expect anything great anymore I suppose. The all-star game in itself was quite fun to watch though. Steph curry was shooting per usual the whole night, while also winning the 3 pt contest, which I assumed would happen coming in. And for a great ending Giannis won all-star mvp which was nice to see. Overall it was nice to see the players have a break from the regular season, and I’m hoping Giannis and the Bucks will come back stronger than before! Let me know if you guys have anything to add or thoughts!

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