Bucks vs, SAC/ Bucks vs. MIN/ Bucks vs. NOP. 3 Game Win Streak.

The Bucks played 3 games this week, and successfully pulled off winning all 3 of them. It seems as if they were tired of losing and maybe a 5 game losing streak was what set them off. These teams aren’t great teams, but we made some adjustments that made the difference in those games to get the win. One of the biggest reasons the Bucks were so successful in these games was because they were hitting their shots much more consistently. Giannis wasn’t running the floor the whole game, in fact with Divincenzo running at point, it’s been seeming to work with our offense. He is a good scorer in himself but he is also a solid playmaker as well. Our defense is mostly the same, which is why we let other teams still score over 110 points against us. Against New Orleans it seemed as if we didn’t even have a center. Zion Williamson was bullying his way in the paint scoring over Brook Lopez easily. Brook was way too slow to be against Zion in the paint and it showed. He needs to be better at protecting the paint and quicker too. In my opinion I believe the Bucks need a new center that is quicker and has better defense in the paint that can stop quick dunkers. Our perimeter defense hasn’t improved much either which is going to be a problem come playoff time. I still believe that with coach Bud’s system, we won’t be a successful playoff team, and that we are better off hiring a different coach. Overall we were hitting our shots and Giannis was doing work in the paint and on defense to get us these wins! Let me know if you guys have any thoughts on this or anything you’d like to add!

Bucks vs. Raptors; Two game series Loss

Over the past few years, the Bucks and the Raptors have become more of a rivalry than ever before. Ever since they beat us in the Eastern conference finals in 2019, and then go on to win the NBA finals that year. It seems as if most of the times we play Toronto, they get the better of Milwaukee, and here’s why. We played Toronto twice this week, and lost both times. The bucks have a nice size advantage over the raptors, but they don’t seem to want to utilize that. Coach Mike Budenholzer has our offense set up to almost strictly shoot threes. Which is lethal at times, but we can’t rely on three pointers all game every game. The game plan is to give the ball to Giannis and have him run the floor, and against the raptors, he either ended up passing it out or taking a bad shot himself. Coach Bud doesn’t make any changes to the offense, even seeing these mistakes happen. He relies too much on threes, and needs to realize that we have a big team that can do damage in the paint too. Another issue is our defense, mostly at the first half of the game. Toronto got a lot of easy open shots in the first half, which is what gave them the early lead. Our defense looked really slow, as if no one cared to actually defend, specifically around the three point line. Come the second half, the team looked ready to play defense, but they were already down by too much to come back. If we can switch the offense up and have our defense ready to go right away, we can start to win games! Let me know if you guys have anything to add! Or thoughts!