Bucks vs. Pacers/Bucks vs. Celtics

The Milwaukee Bucks have been on a roll recently with the last few games. This week we played the Boston Celtics and the Indiana Pacers, winning both games. The game against the pacers was wild, especially considering we didn’t have Giannis. We beat the pacers 113-140 without Giannis which is one of the best scoring games we’ve had. Kure Holiday had 28 points with 14 assists. This is one of the best performances I’ve seen from him not only on this team but his career in the NBA. He was passing the ball really well and shooting super consistently at shooting 11/15. Khris Middleton shot pretty well too with 25 points shooting 10/21, and Pat Connaughton with 20 points shooting 7-9. We made a lot of threes that game which helped a lot. Against the Celtics we started off really strong but couldn’t seem to score much in the 4th quarter. Giannis came back for this game but didn’t score much, so Khris Middleton took over and shot for 27 points and we won by 2 points. Overall the Bucks are playing much better and if we continue to play like this then we can make a deeper running in the playoffs and reach the finals. Let me know your guy’s thoughts! 

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