The Bucks Without The Greek Freak

The past few games the bucks have played, we had Giannis sitting out and played a couple of good teams. We beat the kings without Giannis by one point, which I have no complaints about if our superstar was out and we got a win. We then lost both to the Warriors and the Mavericks. The game against the warriors was pretty embarrassing I would say. We had a decent lead throughout the game, but then of course Steph Curry wants to have a crazy shooting night and put up 41 points. Even with Jrue Holiday defending him, he can score on anybody with ease. So we almost won that game but came up short at the end. The game against the Mavs wasn’t much different. We played pretty well the first three quarters but then in the fourth we fell apart. Jrue Holiday was showing his offensive package though and it was really nice to see. Along with that Brook Lopez was having a vintage shooting night as well. He was shooting all over the mid-range, and also from three. It just wasn’t enough to get the win though. I feel like if Giannis was in, he would’ve been able to help with the length on defense because Porzingis is so tall and lengthy. Let me know what you guys think!

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