This list is comprised of the sports video games and simulators that I personally enjoy the most. There are games on this list that I play more than others, but I did my best to try and rank them on more than just the enjoyment I get out of them.

5: EA Sports: NHL

NHL is the game on this list that I have the least experience with. I played a lot of NHL 19 with a group of my friends, which led me to play more NHL 20 on my own. The mechanics are pretty good for how challenging it must be to design a hockey game. The movement is decent and the graphics are very realistic. It wouldn’t be a hockey game without fights and if you’re playing on the same system as your competitor, they can lead to some pretty intense moments. I wouldn’t put this higher however, mainly based on how little I’ve played. There’s something about the game I just get enough out of it in one or two matches. I’ve tried exploring some of the different modes but there’s only so much to be done. It’s on the list because its not a bad game, but I couldn’t put it higher than the 5 spot.

4: EA Sports: Madden NFL

Madden is a game that comes in at number 4 for me. Not because of the most recent installments, but the older games. It helps that I watch a decent amount of NFL football, so knowing a lot of the players and teams is pretty helpful when playing the ultimate team mode. On top of that the game play is very fun and creates some exciting moments. That is up until recently. The one factor that really drove me away from the series is the inclusion of the stupid X factor abilities. Basically just giving certain players super powers that make the game unbelievable unrealistic. With that being said I would’ve liked to put this series higher on the list because it is still fun, but just not as much as it used to be.

3: PGA 2K

This is the first game of this series, and I have to say the gameplay is already very addicting. Compared to some of the other golf games out, it’s much more challenging which creates the desire to keep getting better. one thing that I would like to see is more content in the game. The career doesn’t really provide many objectives other than to try and win the major tournaments. There’s no way to improve player attributes, there’s no story in the career mode. The only thing that the you can spend the credits you earn are clubs that have a minimal affect on the game and clothes that have no affect. That being said I’m still willing to put hours in this game just based on me wanting to improve.

2: EA Sports: FIFA

FIFA is a game that I’ve been into for years. I took a little break after FIFA 16 but when 21 came out I decided to pick it up. I spend most of my time with this game playing ultimate team, and I think it says a lot about the game that I don’t really watch a lot of soccer and still have a blast playing. The mechanics of this game are fantastic minus a couple weird bugs with the passing that happen every once in a while. Something I wish was a little toned down is the shooting. I don’t know if its something I’m doing wrong or if shooting is just over-powered but there are a lot of goals scored in every game. I guess I would rather have it that way than no goals being scored.

1: NBA 2K

Now, I know that there are a lot of people out there who will disagree with my placement of NBA 2K, but this is a series that for whatever reason, I just can not get enough of. I think it has by far the best career mode out of any sports game. If every other game on this list had a MyPlayer mode like 2K’s, it’s safe to say that I would be playing a lot more of them. On top of that, basketball is my favorite sport to watch and there are so many different forms of highlights and moments that can be created on both offense and defense. I think that might be one of the main factors for why I like this game so much. And playing the game actually makes your player better.

3 thoughts on “Sports Showdown: Ranking My Top 5 Sports Games”

  1. This is a pretty good list, the only thing I’d change personally is adding MLB The Show to the number 1 spot, seeing as you didn’t put it on the list I assume you aren’t big on baseball. I agree with 2K being high up though, I’m not a huge sports gamer but I do think 2K is a lot of fun.

  2. This is a solid list and I mostly agree with you. I think NBA 2k no doubt has the best career mode, they have been continuously improving it whereas sometimes games just stay the same but slap a new year on the cover. The one thing I do not agree with would be NHL dropping to number 5 but I can understand your reasoning. I think that what makes NHL games great is the 3 v 3 mode which is much more fast paced and has more of an arcade feel. Great content!

  3. No MLB the Show?!?! I love this list but I would have put The Show on this list. I hate Madden personally. There is too many flaws in the game. They make for great memes on twitter though lol. I also think the new PGA game is super good! One of my favorite games to play right now.

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