The dirt racing games have always been a fun time for me. I would play a lot of the original game on PS3 and now I put a lot of time into DIRT: Rally 2.0. The mechanics aren’t perfect but its still a challenging game with the right settings on. Speaking of the settings, these games have always done well with including options for all skill levels.

4. Mario Kart

I don’t personally play Mario Kart a whole lot, but it would be crazy to try and make a racing games list and not include this one. It’s by far the best racing game to play locally with some friends.

3. GTA V Racing

I know this is a weird game to include on this list, but GTA V racing can produce some very fun moments, especially when you play with a large group of friends. It’s obviously not the most realistic or serious racing available, but if you go into it just to have a good time, you’ll rarely be disappointed.

2. Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo is the most realistic racing game I included in this list. Of all of the racing games I’ve played, I would also say that this game has the largest skill gap. It definitely takes a lot of playtime to master. The cars and the customization in this game is also surprisingly expansive.


Forza is by far the best combination of driving mechanics, content, customization, and the game just looks really good. I currently own just a PS4 right now, but Forza is a series that I would switch over to Xbox or PC for. It boasts a massive map and in the Horizon series, free roam and always online gameplay that can make for some great in-game car meets.

5 thoughts on “Top 5 Racing Games”

  1. Mario Kart is definitely one of those racing games everyone is at least familiar with. I know I personally wrote a blog post about my favorite and least favorite tracks throughout the series.

  2. I don’t play a ton of racing games but I do play GTA races online with friends and of course mario cart will always be a classic for a party/ racing game, it’s always fun to play with friends, and compared to the others mario cart is great for LAN parties.

  3. This was pretty helpful! Mario Kart is a classic for everyone it seems but the not-so-iconic Diddy Kong Racing is superior in my opinion. But maybe that’s just nostalgia talking.

  4. I’m surprised you have Mario Cart after GTA V. I love GTA racing but I feel like the stigma is Mario Cart is just the better “racing” game. I love both games but Mario Cart well at least to me is better. GTA racing is painfully bad some times. People just driving backwards and hunting others. Still find myself playing them a lot.

  5. As someone who hasn’t played a ton of racing games it kind of cool to learn about the series more and see what people think about them. Forza for one is actually on of the few I’ve looked at before and its simply something I want to get into but at the same time always shy away from as I’m not the biggest racing game fan. But after reading your short reviews and how you mention all the positives of Forza it really intrigues me and I think I might actually go and check it out now! I also liked learning about other racing games series Id not heard about before either I think this was a cool list of something Im unfamiliar with!

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