This is a list of the 5 games I enjoy playing in big groups. Some of them may not be considered party games, but they are fun for 4 or more people, so that’s why they made the list.

5. Overcooked!

Overcooked is a chaotic, and strategic party game that plays best with four people. Each player takes on the role of a chef in charge of a very busy and increasingly difficult food service. The players have to work together to fill specific orders in a timely fashion to move on to the next level. There is an overarching storyline to this game, but its more about trying to progress through the levels than progressing through the story. Each level adds a different and more challenging obstacle for the players to overcome in order to get a higher score.

4. Towerfall: Ascension

Towerfall is the type of game I’m not normally into, 2D retro style shooters, but when playing with friends is very fun. It’s a pretty simple game, up to 4 players are put into a small level with a bow and very limited amount of arrows. They then proceed to try and gain points by shooting each other with those arrows, each arrow can then be picked up by anybody on the map and shot again. There are multiple power ups and abilities that change how the game is played as well. All-in-all, a good game if you and some friends have a couple minutes to spare.

3. Jackbox Party Pack

Jackbox is a very fun game if you’re in a large group of people and everyone wants in. Up to 8 people can compete in different game modes where they connect with their phones to play. The games range from a pictionary style game to trivia, or to just unique games for a group to play. It’s also cheap so if you’re just looking for something to do it doesn’t cost too much and can provide some pretty funny moments.

2. Sports Video Games

Sports videogames I decided to put all into one category on this list because the approach is pretty similar with all of them. Usually if you’re playing sports videogames, you know how that sport works so there’s no need explaining each one. I have to say though, games like 2K, FIFA, and Madden are great for tournaments or 2v2 matches. They can be turned into some fun drinking games too.

1.Super Smash Bros

I have to admit, I don’t play a whole lot of super smash bros anymore, but when I was a kid, I put hours into this game any time I would see my cousins at a family get together or had a bunch of friends over at my house. That’s why I put it as number 1 on this list. There might be better party games out currently, but Super Mario has been doing it better longer than anybody else. I though about including Super Mario Party in with this, but it would just be unfair to compare any of the other games to Super Mario Party.

8 thoughts on “Top 5 Party Video Games”

  1. Party games are always a blast to boot up when you wanna play with friends, and I know for me, in particular, my friends and I have put a substantial amount of hours into various Smash Bros and Jackbox entires. I also think this is a pretty interesting selection of party games; normally, I think of various Mario spinoffs as party games, but this list shows many other options.

  2. Jackbox games are so much fun. I am not sure if my friend bought a Jackbox party game but he just bought a like murder trivia game. We played it all night last Thursday and I had a blast. Even when you add some drinks with the game it gets really wild.

  3. I love playing JackBox games with my friends, it’s always a good time, sports games are another classic for my friends and I, we use to have tournaments all the time playing 2K, Madden and other games! I also think that fighting games like Mortal Kombat are great for parties.

  4. Great list of games here, one I think you may enjoy when playing with friends would be Broforce. Its a 2D platformer that reminds of Mario with guns. Its a game my friends and I love to have a few drinks and spend a night on. I also love Super Smash and overcooked. Overcooked can quickly become the most frustrating game on the planet but somehow is also fun. The last game I think could be added to this list is Mario Kart. I have yet to come across anyone that does not love a good game of Mario Kart and slipping on some bananas.

  5. Local co-op games are my jam and always a go to for when I have people over (those were the days huh? :P)

    Jack box games are always a big hit as I feel that even those who aren’t big “gamers” can jump in on the fun, so if you have a mixed gathering of friends it’s a sure fire way to get everyone involved in the same activity.

  6. Party games are such a fun market. There are so many options but games like Overcooked and Jackbox are always fun times. I think the enjoyment of sitting on a couch and chatting while playing silly local coop games is just something that cant be replaced its a excellent feeling all around each and every time. Its also a shame its so hard to do in this current time but hopefully we get more fun party games releasing soon!

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