The battle royale format of online gaming has taken the industry by storm. Fortnite, Warzone, Apex Legends, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, and plenty of other games have used this format to create wildly successful games and create a large community of competitive gamers. Out of all of these games I have most experience in two: Warzone and Apex Legends. Everybody seems to have different opinions on which of these games are their go-to, and it really depends on individual style.

For those interested in a more realistic experience, you would lean more towards Call of Duty, while Apex presents more of an arcade fantasy shooter experience. The games start off in a cargo plane in which you and your squad mates decide where to land and proceed to skydive and parachute down to the ground. When you land you pull out a relatively weak pistol to battle the others around you while you try to find some loot. This is somewhat similar to Apex, but in Apex you jump out of a ship with your squad and initiate a jet-propelled skydive down to the map below with no parachute. When you land in Apex, you land with nothing and immediately have to find a weapon, preferably before running into an enemy squad.

The beginning of the matches in each game does differ, but the main difference between these two games actually starts before the match begins. In Call of Duty, the only real thing you can change about your player is the aesthetics and your weapon attachments for your custom loadouts. Apex on the other hand doesn’t have customizable loadouts but rather a set of characters all with different special abilities and perks.

With all this being said, I think the inclusion of special abilities and the fast paced gameplay of Apex, it makes it more of my type of game. I still enjoy playing Warzone from time to time, but if I had to take one and leave one, I would take Apex every time.

13 thoughts on “Versus: Call of Duty Warzone vs. Apex Legends”

  1. Right there with you! Warzone is fun, but I really haven’t had the want to reinstall it as Apex is definitely more something I find fun. I’m not too sure how Warzone’s is on this, but I love in Apex how if you have some skill you can solo it. This is especially useful when playing with fills so you don’t have to restart just because your team decides to go on their own and die XD

  2. I think a lot of these games are alike in the fact that they are just banking off of the battle royale format. Every one of these games is essentially the same game but with a different name and different weapons, materials and characters. Although I don’t know too much of each individual game, the premise of each game allows even the average Joe to understand what the goal of the game is; to be the last one standing. I think that these games to allow for much creative ideas due to the fact they are all basically the same and don’t bring much to the videogame industry. I think some of these games get overhyped as there’s not much to do in these games and that there can definitely be a better way to spend your time than running a match again and again.

  3. Apex is definitely my go to! I personally enjoy a fast paced game with lots of action even though I might die sooner. I think it is more fun to get into combat and lose, compared to Warzone where I wait an hour just to end up losing. I think for how fantasy Apex is, it still does a great job of having incredible mechanics than I would consider better than a realistic game like Warzone.

  4. I totally agree with you that Apex is the better game because of the fast play style and fantasy type approach to the genre, although at the end of the day it’s all a matter of opinion and both are great games!

  5. I think anything Call of Duty will reign supreme. Though Fortnite put every other game on hold for at least a year. Though it has died down since and games like Call of Duty that is still on season one have so much more to offer. Plus any gamer will tell you Call of Duty played a huge impact on their early teen years. BOPS 2, MW2, Zombies, Call of Duty has been around for so long as compared to Apex I think many people will try Apex but COD will always be that #1 spot. I love this blog! Cant wait to check back later this week!

  6. I like both games mentioned but I too prefer Apex. As a massive fan of the Titanfall series I appreciate how fast paced Apex is in comparison to many other BR games. The art style helps as well as I’ve always enjoyed the more colorful and personality driven approach to Apex. I didn’t know a ton about warzone at first but after playing it a bit myself I felt it missing the fast paced fun. I like the little comparison here as well, it briefly explains the differences and what you like about each its very nice!

  7. Hey Kyle,

    I enjoyed reading your blog post comparing the two. I have a decent amount of playing time with Pubg and apex, but have not played much COD. I like apex because of the arcade fantasy shooter game feel like you said. Sometimes it is nice to play a game that isn’t so realistic. On another note, I saw apex is getting released on nintendo switch and I am very excited to compare the gameplay from pc. I hope it holds up because I really enjoy playing it but I think it could be real fun to play on switch if it works right.

  8. I too am on the apex legend octrain. I’ve had a passing curiosity about warzone, but with the limited time I have to game I don’t deviate from my core 2 or 3 games, apex being my main go to

    I think respawn really nailed a sweet balance gameplay wise. Character locomotion, sound design and gunplay are satisfying enough that you could have a solid twitch shooter as is, while the auxiliary details such as character abilities and team focused mechanics allows for those who are more tactically inclined to perform at a high level of play as well.

  9. I don’t know anything about games, but I did enjoy the article. I felt like I learned something. Hope you keep it up so I can chime in when my boyfriend is talking about games.

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