Pro Tip Tuesdays

A Tree-Free Home

As Earth day approaches, it is important to keep our tree friends in mind, for obvious reasons. It is no secret that billions of trees are chopped down per year (about 15.3 billion to be exact) for a variety of our everyday household items. Trees provide us with clean air and reduce the amount of Co2 in the atmosphere, so it is important that we greatly reduce deforestation rates before it is too late. Here are some simple changes you can make for a more tree-free home:

  • Replace paper towels with a set of cloth towels for cleaning. Old T-shirts also make for great towels! Simply wash and re-use.
  • Replace paper napkins with cloth napkins.
  • Do not buy paper plates/bowls. Just do your dishes.
  • Purchase toilet paper that is bleach-free and made from the highest post-consumer waste content possible (80% minimum).
  • Make digital grocery lists (you can find apps for your phone)
  • Invest in biodegradable pet-waste bags.
  • Invest in reusable grocery bags instead of using paper bags.

These are just some examples of what you can do to cut back on paper products. Imagine how many trees could be saved if everyone made a few of these small changes!

That’s all for this week’s Pro Tip Tuesday! Keep up the good work!


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