About Me

My name is Maddie! I am currently a senior in college majoring in Environmental Science with a Natural Sciences emphasis. Choosing this major has completely changed my life. Before coming to college, I didn’t give my lifestyle choices a second thought. I never really considered how they were affecting the world around me. I constantly ate meat in excess, I drank from plastic water bottles, I didn’t care about if I was recycling or not, and I never questioned all of the plastic that I generated (the list goes on). Since declaring my major, however, I have learned a lot about how my personal choices affect the planet. It turns out the impact is larger than I ever imagined! So, I decided to change that. In this blog, I will share my amazing and fulfilling journey of developing a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly lifestyle, and I hope you will join it along with me! Each week, I plan to share tips, tricks, alternatives, motivation, and lots of other fun stuff for anyone who is interested in being kinder to the planet and its inhabitants. It is no secret that Earth is under a significant amount of stress due to human activity, so it is up to us to fix that while we still can.

Imagine what we could achieve if everyone started making these simple changes. Earth is a pretty remarkable planet, and it deserves to be treated as such!