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Ditch the Plastic Water Bottles

Growing up, my family would purchase 24 packs of spring water. We would go through them pretty quick, a large portion of them ending up half-drank, stacked up on nightstands, or underneath my bed. It’s a shame to think of all plastic I have accumulated in my lifetime, but a couple years ago I made the switch from buying bottled water to investing in an insulated water bottle.

There are an infinite number of reasons why you should make this change too, but, here are just a few of them:

  1. you are eliminating another single-use plastic from your life (if you pitched the plastic bags like I suggested in an earlier post), and therefore the environment.
  2. insulated water bottles keep your water ice cold for several hours.
  3. you save money!

My campus has filtered water stations everywhere, so I fill up my bottle anytime I get the chance. When I’m at home, I use a Brita filter. I bought my bottle from Costco a few years ago, but there are an endless number of brands that offer reusable bottles.

Some popular ones include:

Hydro Flask



So what are you waiting for? Make this small change for a big difference! 🙂



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