Pro Tip Tuesdays


This is something I have only begun to do recently, but I wish I had sooner because it is so convenient. If you are trying to be conscious of limiting your spending on plastic-packaged items, you’ll probably have a lot more glass jars laying around. I have learned that saving these jars for future uses is a satisfying way to reduce your waste output!¬†For example, I am constantly buying salsa in glass jars. Instead of throwing them all in the recycling bin, I have begun to wash them out and keep them for future food storage. Like if I’m going to the beach or the pool this summer and I want to bring some fresh fruit to snack on, I put the fruit in the salsa jars! No more plastic baggies for me! It is such a good feeling.

So next time you think about throwing out/recycling glass jars, wash some out that you think would be good for future use and store them away instead. And of course, stop putting your snacks in those stupid plastic baggies! If you need motivation, check out some episodes of Our Planet on Netflix. It is seriously aggravating how much plastic human beings are producing and leaking into the environment. It is everything and it needs to stop now.

Rant over!

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