Since my last main post focused on the subject of farming, I thought it would be fitting to introduce the two villagers, Pierre and Marnie. Both Villigars play a pretty big role within the skill of farming.



Pierre is the general store owner of Pelican Town. At his shop, you are able to buy crop seeds, fruit saplings, and other farming-related items. The store is open every day from 9am to 5pm except on Wednesdays. You can find Pierre and his store at the heart of Pelican town. When you enter the town from your farm, just head straight to reach the store. Since his home is connected to his story you can find him there most of the time.


Pierre is married to Caroline, making him not eligible to marry. The two also have a daughter named Abigail.


Just like almost every other villager, Pierre has gifts that he either loves or hates. Gifts that you want to get for Pierre are fried calamari, daffodils, and dandelions. Some gifts that you want to avoid giving to Pierre are corn, garlic, and parsnip soup. Don’t forget to get a birthday gift for Pierre on the 26th day of spring!



Marnie is the villager you want to go to for farm animal needs. She runs her own shop at her ranch. At her shop, you can purchase animals and supplies for them. Marnie’s Ranch is located south of your farm in the Cindersap Forest. Once you enter the forest, head right and you cannot miss her ranch! Just like Piere, Marnie lives at the ranch so you can find her there often.


Marnie isn’t married and doesn’t have kids. However, even though she isn’t married you cannot marry this villager. Even though she has no kids she cares for her niece, Jas, and her nephew, Shane. She is also a very good friend of Mayor Lewis.


Marnie’s most loved gifts are diamonds, farmer’s lunch, and pink cake. Gifts that she is not fond of are salmonberry, clay, and holly. On the 18th day of fall, make sure to get Marnie a birthday gift!

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