Welcome to my first blog post. In this post, we are going to be talking about how to start your new experience with the game Stardew Valley. However, if you are not familiar with the game feel free to visit my About My Blog Page for information about the game itself and the storyline. In my next upcoming post, I will be going into the storyline more in-depth.

There are a few essential tasks you must do before you start exploring the game. These tasks include creating a world, your personal character, and choosing the farm type you would like for your world. It may seem that these are simple tasks, but I have tips and information that will help you get started with the game at ease

Creating Worlds

It seems obvious that you got to create a world/game file to start playing. However, there are a couple of pointers that will help you in doing this. A great aspect about Stardew Valley is that the game is single-player and multiplayer. You are able to play with up to three other friends in a world. Setting up a single-player world is easy, just click new on the starting menu and your good to go; however, it is a bit different for creating multiplayer worlds. If you are going to create and host a world for your friends, you must click the co-op menu instead of going to new. Once you are in the co-op menu you then go to host, which is located at the top left-hand corner. From there you will see a box that says host new farm. Once you click that you will start the creation of a multiplayer world. Joining a multiplayer world is simple, just click on your friend’s world that appears in the co-op menu or you may have to obtain a game code from them that you enter to gain access to the world. Once you are finished creating or joining a world, it is time to create your character.

Stardew Start Up Menu
Co-op Menu: The different ways of joining a friends world
Co-op Menu: To create a co-op land and to host

Creating Your Character

The best part about RPGs is that you are able to customize a character. In many other video games, there is a pre-made selection of characters for you to choose from. Choosing from a selection can be nice, but it is a great experience to create your own character. After you create your world you are brought to the character builder. There you get to name your character and farm. You also get to list a favorite thing you like and choose a favorite cat or dog from a given selection. From there, you then get to customize how your character looks. There is a variety of different clothing and hairstyles with a wide range of colors to choose from. If your not too sure how you want your character to look you can always use the randomizing tool and go from there. Once you are satisfied with your character, then you must choose the type of farm you will explore.

Character Creation Builder

Selecting Your Farm Type

On the right-hand side of the character builder, you get seven choices of different types of lands to farm on. Each farm is different and comes with its own advantages and sometimes disadvantages along with it.

Standard Farm

Your first choice of farmland is the Standard Farm. This farmland has a large amount of open space for you to be able to design and grow on your farm. This option is great for beginners just getting started with the game.

Riverland Farm

This farmland is quite opposite of the standard farm. Your farm is spread across different islands that are surrounded by riverbanks. Fish are more common on this farmland, making it an easy spot for both farming and fishing.

Forest Farm

The Forest Farm is exactly what it sounds like. The woods surround your farm, resulting in limited farming space. However, with the forest at your doorstep, you can obtain resources at ease.

Hill Top Farm

Within this farmland, there is a winding river and rocky terrain. This can make it difficult to design your farm, but it has an advantage. On the farmland, there is a mineral deposit that provides opportunities to mine for different ores and minerals.

Wilderness Farm

Like the Standard Farm, there is a wide space to design your farm; however, there is a catch. At night time, monsters come out at your farm. This can be great to obtain more monster drops, but they can be a nuisance when trying to farm in the evening and at night.

Four Corners Farm

This farmland is divided into four distinct areas by cliffs. The four different areas have aspects of the other farmlands. The top left takes elements from the Forest Farm. The top right is the typical Standard Farm. The bottom left contains a pond where players can catch fish, like the Riverland Farm. The bottom right contains a small quarry like the Hilltop Farm. This farmland overall is great for multiplayer worlds.

Beach Farm

Last but not least is the Beach Farm. This farm is great for foraging and fishing and has a great amount of space. One unique feature of this farm is that at times supply creates will wash up on shore with items. However, the downside of this farmland is that sprinklers do not work because of the sandy soil. This can make farming take twice as long because you must water your crops by hand.