Spring Break Juice Fast

Spring break in college is hard on the body, and our health tends not to be the most important thing while laying on the beach . That is why I created and decided to share a secret green juice cleansing juice that can get your health kick started, and help you to stay on track. Having a juicer is needed for this recipe, which you can pick up for less than $20 at your local Walmart. The key in this ingredent is celery, because it is full of so many benefits not just for weight loss but to help brain function, digestion, and skin complexion! This simple juice is 1/2 celery, 1/4 spinach, and 1/4 cup of whatever fruit you are feeling that day! For me, my favorite fruit to throw in my green juice is pineapple or apple! It can also be a substitute instead of starting the day with coffee. Too much caffeine is not good for the body or the brain, so switching your coffee for this juice can help tremendously! Drop a comment below on what fruit you threw into your morning juice!

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