Just a little sweet…

The trend of this blog is centered around health food and ways to eat clean, we all need a cheat meal, or dessert to hold us down. While I am a strong believer in fueling your body correctly, depriving your body of the sweets we love does no good for you! You deserve a treat, you deserve a churro from Aldi! These churros are found in the frozen Aldi finds aisle, meaning they are only limited stock limited time. I loved them so much I had to go back and get a few more boxes to stock away in the freezer. They come in three different flavors that my Aldi carried, sweet creme, apple, and cinnamon. Each box is less than $3 and comes with almost twenty five mini churros, and cinnamon sugar toppings to toss them in when we finish cooking them! Get them tonight for those midnight munchies when you’ve been cramming for hours and need something to get you through!

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