Spring into the garden…

April showers, brings May flowers, that is how the saying goes. The best part of the Aldi finds aisle is the garden supplies that flood the limited time sections during these weeks. ¬†Aldi is packed with seeds, flowers, and supplies to start any garden large or small right now. Which gives us all the chance to make our own food, reducing our carbon footprint, and helping us all get healthy before summer hits. The garden does not have to be limited to out doors. There are so many great options for indoor gardens including herbs and smaller scale produce plants. This allows you to participate in cultivating your own food no matter if you are living in your dream home, or a small studio apartment! While a green thumb might not be on everyone’s mind in college. These skills can come in handy later on in life as well! Finding your favorite plants, and some tips that has helped your own produce can help us all. ¬†Please comment below on what you found at your local aldi and add in pictures and tips from your own produce collection so we can all grow together.

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