Coffee Crazy

In the spirit of Monday Morning, I’ve decided to release a much requested blog post about coffee! A huge trend right now in the United States are dairy free diets, because of claims that it causes weight gain, issues with skin and other negative effects on your health. I’m not here to support or deny these claims simply to offer the best, healthiest ways to drink that coffee that so many of us rely on to push us through that morning slump. Coffee itself is a pretty healthy drink, ground from beans, acid and water an average cup of coffee doesn’t have many calories. It is the added products produced to put into the coffee that can really hurt you. The first thing we are going to talk about is the sugar that people add into their coffee. Spoonful’s or cubes never the less these are not good for you. The best alternative to using these sugar cubes, or heaps of white graduated sugar is simple, coconut sugar! It is not as processed and contains some nutrients to help power you through the day. This is just an alternative option and remember that no sugar at all is the best option for your liquid fuel coffee! Next comes the cream, Aldi is a great place that is home to so many different creamer options. Soy creamers and almond creamers are the best health options because of their lack in sugar and dairy. Most use no sugar at all, or very little which is great for whatever brew you decide on in the morning. Some of the worst options for your health aren’t even sold at Aldi which is just another reason that Aldi is so fantastic! They rarely ever house items that are extremely processed or unhealthy. This mini blog post was a follow up to our Monday detox so I hope all of you are already cooking up some Greek salads and getting your coffee selection ready for the morning!

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