Olive Oil always

For years and years people cooked with slabs of butter, and vegetable oil, or shortening. All of these fatty oils take huge tolls of your health especially with daily consumption. Aldi has an entire section dedicated to healthy olive oil and some avocado oil options for us all. Olive oils is a more organic option that is 100x healthier than using butter or shortening, it helps you stay slimmer and reduces the chances of heart attack or stroke. Most of the time, you can’t even tell the difference. While some complain between the price difference, Aldi has options that can fit any budget! They have a large plain bottle of olive oil that goes for $3.49 and can last a family of four up to two months, or they have flavored infused oils imported, or organic that range anywhere from $5-$10. If you are just getting started in cooking, or olive oils start with a cheaper bottle and experiment from there. This could be the start of you becoming a foodie!

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