Fresh Baked Aldi Bakery!

This past weekend we were traveling around Wisconsin and decided we’d stop and try a new Aldi on the way home. We love to grocery shop especially at new places and Aldis, because they all have similar but still different food stock. So when we walked into this Aldi and say they had a made to order bakery, I was so surprised and interested! Even though we didn’t get anything from the bakery, we creeped by and spent a ton of time looking around this area. We have never seen an Aldi have this feature before so we were really having fun then! They had bagels muffins, cakes, cookies, all made to order or freshly stocked leaving it up to you, with how many you wanted to purchase. This usually isn’t available at Aldis, everything including produce in prepackaged. While a ready to made bakery is not everyones cup of tea, it is fun to see the different features demographics have all around us! Investigate some new Aldis around your area, and far from home to see if you can find your new favorite product!


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