Detox Salad Monday

March 18th2019, the day after St Patrick’s day, which for many people means feeling the Monday blues even harder. Most young adults and college students spend this weekend binge drinking for days and wearing every shade of green! So this mornings blog post is dedicated to a nice light detox dinner for everyone today!
A nice light, Greek salad will fill our bodies with goodness and make you ready to restart the week on a great note! Step one is getting some local produce from Aldi, Cucumbers, grape tomatoes, feta, spinach and a nice vinaigrette on top. So much goodness in one ball, so much simple in one bowl. Cutting up the produce is step two. Cucumbers sliced, tomatoes chopped in half, over the bed of spinach. Sprinkle a bit of feta on top for step three, with a few table spoons of vinaigrette! Last step is to spin the salad and mix everything up evenly! You can chose to add a protein such as chicken or fish if you are feeling up for it, but the meal is also healthy enough on its own. This will stay good up to three days into the fridge! All of the ingredients at Aldi will cost you less than nine dollars and can make up to three servings! This means you can  make this for you and your significant other, with leftovers for just a fraction of what you spent drinking all St Patrick’s day weekend.

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