Spice It Up

Underestimated items are some of my favorite things to high light at Aldi, especially ones that can save all of my reader’s money. Spices are something that can transform veggies, and meat specifically. Healthy food can taste great one their owe, but for people who are new to the health came, spices can make a huge difference. I took a trip to my local Walmart, where on average a 4.25 oz. bottle of great value spices ring up at $3.99. While at Aldi, all of their spices are in a bigger size, a bulk size, of 4.75 Oz. are ALL at the small small cost of $1.19. Most of the recipes that I make use multiple different spices. Onion powder, Steak Seasoning, Chili Powder, all of these items are only $1.19 and will last you months on end, even using them on a daily basis. Going forward on Cook Little Spend Lots, you are going to need some spices to complete these meals! So make sure to send your way down the spice aisle at Aldi and try multiple options to see what you and your feed crowd are enjoying the spice you are serving up in your life!


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