Gluten Free All The Way!

A gluten free diet is something that is not just a huge trend in today’s world, but also something that many Americans have to deal with on a daily basis who are fighting celiac disease. This disease is for people are gluten intolerant, which really means that they cannot indulge in anything that has flour! SO many of the best ingredients involve flour, baking especially. Thanks to healthy substitutes they have different forms of flour that are perfect for people who stay away from gluten. The bad part? This flour can cost up to 600% more, and the sizes are often way smaller than the bulk regular flour that you can buy anywhere. But the best part? Aldi has a huge selection of gluten free options from bread, to pasta, to pretzels, to my absolute favorite the gluten free cheddar biscuits! These biscuits come in two flavors, cheddar, and jalapeno. While I haven’t had the chance to try the jalapeno, the cheddar ones have become every single Aldi trip for sure in the cart item! They are under $3, and make up to twelve giant rolls. The box only involves three other ingredients that are common household items that you can probably find in your kitchen to begin with. Vegetable oil, cheese and cold water are you need to turn this box into a wonderful ball of gluten free goodness! Make sure you are on the lookout for the entire section of gluten free items at your local Aldi.

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