Building the Perfect Post Work Out Smoothie

A post workout meal that you can take on the go, and prepare in less than five minutes! It does exist and boy is it yummy! A smoothie is full of goodies for your body, and being able to take it on the go and multitask is one of the reasons its so resourceful. Building the perfect smoothie takes a process, that I am going to share with you today. First is ice, it gives the smoothie that nice cold, refreshing temperature, one cup of ice per 16 ounces of liquid is the equation I use. Next I reach for some frozen fruit and throw in half a cup of that. Now comes a splash of liquid, I like to use Kefir milk, which is a probiotic drink so it is full of great bacteria! This next part is optional but I throw in a small scoop of Greek yogurt to make my smoothie thicker, and the vanilla coconut flavor from Aldi is to die for! Next up comes a scoop of flax seed (milled) Flax seed helps your digestive system to clean out your body and help clean out the pipes. Using milled seeds makes them work faster and more efficiently than whole flax seeds. Then comes a raw veggie, to which I use Organic Kale. A huge bag is under $2 at Aldi and it’s a great green to add, otherwise you could use carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes or any other veggie you enjoy. All of these items are regularly stocked at Aldi so you never have to worry about not being able to get it for a reasonable price. The last ingredient is optional and that is protein powder. While I haven’t tried any of Aldi’s Line of protein and health supplements, I do use a brand called Optimum Nutrition. Aldi’s health line is much more affordable then what I pay but I have been seeing results and using this line for years so changing that could have health effects on myself. If you guys invest and try the Aldi supplements and health line please leave a comment on this blog for myself and the readers to see your thoughts! Now you have it, the perfect smoothie for the on the go athlete and young professional, I hope this recipe helps you reach new goals in 2019!



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