Monday Morning Madness


Welcome to a fresh start and a brand new week on “Spend Little Cook Lots”. Starting out your Monday morning on a positive note is important because it sets the attitude for the rest of the week. Part of preparing yourself for the week comes fueling your body with the best! So today I am going to take you a healthy energizing start with your breakfast. Step one, egg whites are a staple of my breakfasts, they are SO great for your body. Eggs are always under a dollar for a dozen large ones at Aldi so not only is it great for our bodies but great for the wallet as well. Next I shred up a little fresh aged white cheddar cheese only a few table spoons! The next item I pan fry next to my eggs is the Simply Nature Vegetable root & potato patties. They are vegan, organic and full of morning fuel! When my eggs are done I pour them over the veggie root patty and make myself a healthy breakfast sandwich and chow down! It’s a perfect pair, a perfect portion and a perfect start to your morning!

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