Meal Prep the Sunday Away

Sundays are the best for restocking your fridge, getting laundry done and prepping for a great week. Specifically, meal prepping, because life as a college student and young adult means long hours and not as much time to take care of our bodies. So since it’s Sunday, this blog will be dedicated to the meal prep that I worked on earlier this morning. The first thing I did was marinate my chicken. I added three different seasons, brew house chicken, onion powder, and lemon pepper all from Aldi and only $1.29 for a large container of each. Next a table spoon of extra virgin olive oil and place in a plastic bag in the fridge. Now that we have those marinating we move on to chopping and prepping all those delicious veggies. This week I decided to do three different veggie sides. If I am really hungry I will have the chicken plus all three veggie options, but most of the time I just do the chicken plus one veggie on the side. Having three different ones prepped keeps my dinners interesting and my taste buds happy. It takes me about half an hour to chop up and clean my broccoli crowns, mushrooms and red organic potatoes. Next I line all my trays with tinfoil and spread out my broccoli and potatoes evenly and on separate sheets. I get my chicken out and throw them all into the oven at 400 degrees for twenty-five minutes and flipping everything half way through. Lastly I throw the mushrooms on the stove in a stainless steal pan with some olive oil and let them cook down on medium. They aromas running through your kitchen is enough to make your mouth water. While all of these goodies are cooking I take time to get all my containers out and ready to hold my dinners for the week. The best part about roasting and meal prepping is how quick and easy it is. I have time to clean up and get a move on with my day while I finish cooking and my attitude is instantly boosted from feeling so productive.

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