Not the Golden Arches, The Golden Aisle

Like any good cook, the hunt for our ingredients is the first and most important part of prepping for any meal. Finding organic, quality food is what makes or breaks your recipe. Even the most perfectly prepared dinner won’t be delicious without the work before you step foot in the kitchen. Which is why I am sharing my best kept secret with you today… and that is the Aldi Finds aisle. This golden bridge to heaven is where you will find the most unique, expensive, and quality foods for a fraction of the price. The only downside to this magical place is that most items are “limited time only” which means you could only see it once or twice a month, or in some cases seasonal meaning once a year. Never the less, the ever changing inventory and options make it easy not to get to hung up on one item, because there’s always something new to explore.  I am sharing my top five “Aldi Finds” in this blog post so the next time you explore your local Aldi, you know what to look for.  #5. Is a staple in my fridge, and you can almost always find a block of this somewhere in Aldi. The aged White Cheddar is directly imported from Italy and puts all other cheese to shame. Shredding your own block of cheese fresh is always better than using a bag. The taste is better, and there is no chance of chemicals or plastic which is what companies use in pre-shredded bags to keep them fresh and not clump together. #4. Karma Wellness Water. This luxury water is infused with all natural flavors and in the cap you will find two ounces of a chalky powder. That powder is actually probiotics that infuse into your water bottle with a push of a button. Making it as fresh as possible, and the best for your money! Plus Aldi sells this water for under two dollars when it is on their shelves, while they retail at over three dollars. #3. Goat Cheese Macaroni. A simple meal for any night of the week that has the delicious option of being non dairy for all lactose intolerant people! Plus this dinner has twice the amount of protein then regular #2. The Lean Ground Turkey, with half the amount of fat then regular ground beef, this is sure to be a hit. The best part about this healthy substitution from red meat is the price tag. It is always sold at $3.29 or less, for a pound and a half of ground turkey. While the local Walmart in Whitewater sells it for $5.99 a pound from the Jenny O brand. #2. Friendly Farms Greek Yogurt, with over twelve flavors, zero calorie options I am sure you will be able to find multiple favorites of this guy. Lastly my number one Aldi find is the Gluten Free Cheese Biscuits. With no preservatives, and natural ingredients this easy to make dinner side will have you in heaven. They are healthy gluten free, and make a perfect addition to any soup, pasta or meat you may be cooking for dinner. Keep a look out, and take a chance on anything in Aldi because you can’t go wrong!

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