Protein Shakes

Protein shakes are a big part of my daily fitness routine. Whether I make one in the morning because I’m running late and don’t have time to make a hot breakfast, or I make one after a workout, protein shakes can serve as an excellent meal supplement, snack, and aid in muscle recovery after a workout. There are countless combinations of different fruits, yogurts, juices, protein powders, etc. that you can put together to make your favorite shake.

My personal favorite consists of a few simple ingredients, and takes me no more than 3-5 minutes to make.
– First I start off by putting a couple spoonful’s of strawberry Greek yogurt into my blender, then I add in a fresh banana, a handful of frozen strawberries, and a handful of frozen blackberries.
– I prefer to use frozen berries as opposed to fresh berries simply because I know they won’t go to waste if I don’t use them all during any given week, frozen fruit also makes the smoothie colder in my opinion, which I like.
– After adding the fruit, I add in a tablespoon of Badia Whole Trilogy Health Seeds (purchased at Walmart), which is a high fiber mixture of flax, chia, and hemp seeds that support cardiovascular health.
– Then I top it off with about a half cup of whole milk and blend it all together until it has a smooth consistency.
– Once the smoothie is blended well, I add in a scoop of strawberry flavored Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein (purchased at Walmart), which provides 60 grams of protein per scoop.
– After the protein powder has been added, I top it off with another half cup or so of whole milk because adding the protein powder tends to make the smoothie thick. Then blend it all together one last time.

That’s it!

A quicker protein shake option if you don’t want to make your own would be to purchase a pack of pre-made protein shakes from the grocery store. I have tried both ways, making my own, and purchasing from the store, but I prefer to make my own shake because I can put whatever I like into it, plus it fills me up more with all the fruit that I use.

Choose something that is convenient for you, but know that protein shakes are a great way to help tired muscles recover after exercising, and can help build muscle mass as well. Let’s get shaking!


  • Mike Blake

    Protein shakes are amazing after a great workout or in the morning as breakfast subsitute. My all time favorite protein shake has banana, vanilla greek yogurt, powdered peanut butter, and granola bits. After reading this post, I want to go home and make myself a protein shake now!

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