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Welcome to SCR Fitness! I am excited to share my journey from collegiate athlete to self-disciplined fitness individual. I have struggled to maintain the drive and motivation to stay fit ever since I stopped participating in organized sports, and that is why I have created this blog, to help others, like myself, find their spark to get fit! Throughout the course of this blog I will touch base on a variety of different topics ranging from how to get back in shape, to quick and effective workout plans, to what foods can help keep you healthy, give you energy, gain muscle mass, and so much more. All too often people set unrealistic goals for themselves because they do not realize that fitness is more than just working out every once in a while, it’s a lifestyle commitment. So of course that diet you tried for a few weeks didn’t yield any noticeable results, of course those protein shakes you drank for a few weeks didn’t help you gain the muscle mass you had hoped. All of the goals you envision for yourself can be achieved by gaining knowledge and putting it to action. If you find yourself with a desire to get in shape and improve upon yourself, then this blog is sure to give you some more insight as to how you can achieve your goals without spending every waking moment in the gym or thinking about what to eat. Fitness can be quite complicated at times, but it doesn’t have to be. All it takes is a little time and dedication, self-discipline, and motivation. Join me, and let’s get after it!

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