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Black Friday Is Approaching Fast!!

Black Friday is a day of complete madness. You get the best deals, but what does that cause you? Some people are injured, you don’t sleep and you spend way more money than anticipated. Well, I am here to tell you everyone goes through this and there are easier ways.

Of course you want the best deals and most bang for you buck, but is it really worth staying out all night to do this? You have never ending checkout lines and even the longest lines just to get into the store. I would say the biggest places to shop would be Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and once upon a time, ToysRUs. You would drive by the day before and see people lined up with tents and other necessities to sleep overnight, usually in very cold weather just to save some money.

Now, I do get it. I love saving money as the next person, but the way we have naturalized Black Friday shopping has become insane. Every year I see stories on how there was a rush mob and people are injured and even killed during the madness. Working this day for the past seven years, I can tell you, the deals are not important enough to risk the safety of others. Retail workers want you to get in and out as fast as possible with the most amount of products, so we set up a specific system to do so. Shoppers just need to help us with that.

Workers are obviously working as fast as they can to ensure you can go to the next store quickly, but you have to realize, you are not going to get through the line in under 10 minutes. The shoppers in front of you don’t usually only have one or two items, they have as much as their carts can handle, maybe even more.

What I am here to tell you is, please wait till Cyber Monday so retail workers can have a bit of a break.

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