Retail Employees

No Weekends Off

I know when we apply for a retail job, we also sign up for working weekends. That is the most busy time of the week because most people are off of work. But, working weekends makes us so tired. Most employees who work retail are full time students who work a lot more than they should. Weekends are times that we have no class and usually have events to go to, which we normally have to miss because of work.

I can’t tell you the amount of events and get-togethers I have had to miss since I started working retail. If it’s friends birthdays, sporting events, or anything that seems fun, I had to miss them. At most retail jobs, only the first three people who take off on weekends get those days off, everyone else is denied. The people who do have off will refuse to take your shift and then you are stuck at work for hours that day, usually in the middle of the day when the event is going on.

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Retail Employees

Let’s Have Some Uniformity

Working in retail, I found out a lot of people do not know how to fold clothes. Even employees struggle with folding clothes properly. I would say folding a shirt is pretty easy, but some struggle with this simple task.

When you are shopping, you should always try to refold the clothes you unfold. It does not have to be the perfect fold you see, but you not just throwing it back is a lot more helpful. Employees already have a hard time keeping up with cleaning on a busy weekend.

Now hear me out, we have been folding out clothes at home since we were kids, do you really not know how to do it in a store too? I am sure your draws in your house do not have clothes just thrown in there, so why would you do that somewhere else?

Retail Employees

Let’s Talk About A Raise

You only get pennies

I have talked about getting more money in a previous post, but let’s talk about how little money retail workers actually make. I know there is a minimum wage set for each state and in Wisconsin, where I live, it is $7.25. Now does that seem like a livable wage to you? I know most people who are paid this are teenagers with a very minimal amount of bills, but to people like me who had a lot of bills as a teenager, this is not enough.

I know there are yearly raises which sounds amazing, but wait! Do you know how little we get bumped up? Let’s say it’s no where near the amount that I work for. I worked at a company for almost three years and I could’t wait for my yearly raise, but it was a max of $0.50 and that’s on the high end of raises!!! I once received an $0.11 raise. This isn’t given for good work or if the manager likes you, it’s what the company gives everyone. Do companies really think these pennies they are giving us enough?

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Retail Employees

Retail Can Be The Best And Worst Job

If you have ever worked retail, you probably have mixed feelings about it. When you first start a job, you are very excited, but as the job passes you realize you don’t want to be there anymore. Retail can end up being the best or worst job you ever have and I am going to explain why.

Let’s start with the bad reasons first. I am sure you can imagine why I believe retail sucks to work for. Starting as a teenager, you start at the lowest level possible which also means you are not respected as much. Now I have always been lucky with my rankings at work with hard work and always showing up. BUT, some places just do not treat you properly. Working in a retail store, it’s hard to get points across since there are so many levels to get to any employee higher up.

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