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Retail Can Be The Best And Worst Job

If you have ever worked retail, you probably have mixed feelings about it. When you first start a job, you are very excited, but as the job passes you realize you don’t want to be there anymore. Retail can end up being the best or worst job you ever have and I am going to explain why.

Let’s start with the bad reasons first. I am sure you can imagine why I believe retail sucks to work for. Starting as a teenager, you start at the lowest level possible which also means you are not respected as much. Now I have always been lucky with my rankings at work with hard work and always showing up. BUT, some places just do not treat you properly. Working in a retail store, it’s hard to get points across since there are so many levels to get to any employee higher up.

Keep all the money you can because we all know you won’t be getting a raise anytime soon

You realize working retail takes up a lot of your personal time. It usually takes up all of your weekends and if you are in school, it also takes up your nights which makes it hard to study or get homework done. You are always exhausted, but you continue to pick up shifts because you need money since I’m sure you are only making minimum wage. Making money is so hard working in retail because you rarely get a raise, there aren’t many opportunities for promotions, and you don’t get bonuses.

Now, let me explain why these jobs can be the best you can have. The Friendships. Nothing will ever compare to the connection you make with your coworkers. The stories that you tell your favorite coworkers are always insane. Of course you have best friends at home that you tell some stories too, but the stuff that comes out of your mouth at work can honestly surprise you. You have no hold-back from what you tell a best friend at work. Somehow, a connection is established very quickly because what else are you going to talk about when the store is empty and you are in silence? Something like “guess what happened last night” might come up then after you share one secret, they just keep coming. These friendships can also last for a very long time. Even when you quit a job, sometimes, you can still hangout with your coworkers outside of work. They start to blend into your normal day lives and it’s truly amazing.

I would never trade what I have gained from working retail for anything. I have gained friendships, while also gaining so many communication skills. Having to go up to random people and also talking to new employees can be nerve racking, but once you work someone for so long, you get used to it. I can now comfortably walk up to random people and start a conversation with them. I recommend everyone works retail at least once in their lives so you can all experience the joys and i guess horrors of this job.

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