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Let’s Talk: Customer Reviews

Almost every website has reviews on them, especially retail websites. When online shopping or even going to a new business, a review is the lifeline you look for. Reviews will make or break a business. One bad review can stop people from ever going to your business.

There are different types of reviews. I will talk about funny, good, and bad reviews.

Funny: BIC Pens For Her

This review is funny and on the good side, not directly saying anything bad about the company or product. This is a funny review because she states that she wasn’t allowed to use “manly pens” before, but now they have feminine pens, she can write with her delicate hands. The underlying meaning of this review is that pens and other products should not be limited to a certain gender if they are everyday items.

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Retail Experience

Black Friday Is Approaching Fast!!

Black Friday is a day of complete madness. You get the best deals, but what does that cause you? Some people are injured, you don’t sleep and you spend way more money than anticipated. Well, I am here to tell you everyone goes through this and there are easier ways.

Of course you want the best deals and most bang for you buck, but is it really worth staying out all night to do this? You have never ending checkout lines and even the longest lines just to get into the store. I would say the biggest places to shop would be Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and once upon a time, ToysRUs. You would drive by the day before and see people lined up with tents and other necessities to sleep overnight, usually in very cold weather just to save some money.

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Retail Experience

How Should You Talk To An Employee?

Now I know what you are thinking, you know how to talk to an employee because they are obviously people, just like you. You are courteous, polite and clean, but I am here to tell you, not everyone is.

Being a retail worker, I can say there are some very nice helpful people out there, but there are also very rude people. Some shoppers believe the workers are there to only help them and clean up after them. As I wrote about in a previous post, if you would just clean up after yourself, it would make the employees job so much easier.

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