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Let’s Talk: Customer Reviews

Almost every website has reviews on them, especially retail websites. When online shopping or even going to a new business, a review is the lifeline you look for. Reviews will make or break a business. One bad review can stop people from ever going to your business.

There are different types of reviews. I will talk about funny, good, and bad reviews.

Funny: BIC Pens For Her

This review is funny and on the good side, not directly saying anything bad about the company or product. This is a funny review because she states that she wasn’t allowed to use “manly pens” before, but now they have feminine pens, she can write with her delicate hands. The underlying meaning of this review is that pens and other products should not be limited to a certain gender if they are everyday items.

A good review is something that every company wants. With good reviews, people will trust your goods and services more. In this review above, they talk about a business book. They state they don’t read often, but they still enjoyed this book. That is a good comment because it shows that the book is an easy read where you learn a lot. Even the most vague comments has an impact on the item itself.

This is a bad review bashing Amazon as a company. The review was complaining on the bad service that amazon has been giving. They also brought down country wide postal services for not being up to their personal standards. Her review hits hard because she is a verified reviewer which means she is one to review many products. People trust these reviewers more than others who are not verified.

No matter where you go, they will probably have reviews written about them somewhere. Reviews can make or break a company or product.

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