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Most Popular Christmas Gift of This Season

Let’s dive into the top picks of christmas gifts this season. There will be new gifts ideas and gifts that have been given for years. First are board/card games. They are coming out with new games every year to keep the parties fun and unexpected. The top game that is being shared this year is What Do You Meme?

This game is fun for all ages. Kids love the funny pictures and when adults drink, anything is funny to them. This game maker is really progressing with times and realizing that memes are taking over and everyone knows them.

Second gift that is popular is… wait for it… candles. Are you even shocked? Everyone loves candles and these have been given as gifts for forever. You can give it to family, friends and even coworkers. It’s a very basic and cheap gift that can last a very long time. You just have to make sure to pick a good scent.

And finally the biggest gift this season is the Nintendo Switch. With Wii discontinuing their game system, another interactive game needed to come into play. This is a pricey gift, but a lot of parents will be buying these for their children. It keeps them busy and it’s handheld which makes it portable. What more could you want for a loud kid in a car? Something to distract them for awhile.

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