Checking in with the Biermann’s

As they set out on their 5-week long road trip to Vegas, I had to check up on the latest episodes of Don’t Be Tardy. The last time I wrote about the millions of kids Kim and Kroy have was the season 8 premiere of the show. Lots has happened since then. Kim sees her aunt in St. Louis, they visit a dude ranch, many bottle of wine have been consumed and the RV they are taking seems to be less than efficient.

While on their stop in St. Louis, Kim checks in with her favorite aunt to have dinner with her and her wife. While at the dinner, over bread and wine, Kim’s aunt breaks some serious news to her: her father has cancer. Now, as we all know, Kim and her parents are far from close. It has been over a decade since they’ve seen one another. Although there is bad blood, at the end of the day that is still her dad and cancer is such a sad thing for people to go through. Kim has a break down with Ariana and Brielle by her side and she comes to terms with this new found information.

Ah yes, now comes the dude ranch. “A ranch, that has a lot of dudes on it” would be the direct quote from Ms. Ariana Biermann herself. As they pull the RV onto said “dude ranch” the girls are greeted with the fact that this is a real ranch, with cattle and horses. Ariana and Brielle pulled up looking for boyfriends, the littles pulled up excited to pet horses.

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Lastly, we have to talk about the RV that is in possession of the family. $2 million spent and the air conditioning goes out in Arizona of all places? OH HONEY NOOOO! Kim’s face and wig were for real about to melt off. Luckily for her, she married not only an NFL star, but also a pretty knowledgeable repair man. Kroy heads to the nearest Home Depot to grab an air conditioner and finally! Rejoice! Kim can have her wigs again!

This season has been anything but calm. I don’t think I have to be the one to tell you that having an RV full of your family of 10 is probably not the best idea. Sanity is at risk for sure.

Let’s throw up our Grey Goose filled solo cups and pour one out for Kim and Kroy, we know they need it. Cheers!

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Real Housewives of Salt Lake City – Premiere

Okay, I have to admit, hearing that there was going to be a Bravo show based in Salt Lake City did NOT intrigue me. I mean, how fun can Mormons actually be? A Real Housewives franchise with NO alcohol? Yeah, I’ll pass on that one. That being said I have to admit, I was absolutely floored when I actually enjoyed watching RHOSLC. The women were fabulous and most definitely do not hold up as “true” Mormon women.

First, we met Jen who is a coach’s wife. Jen’s husband and sons are black, which is something the Mormon church does not accept (a rather disgusting view on behalf of the Mormons if you ask me). After being a Mormon her whole life, she converted to Islam to be able to be a part of her husband’s life.

RHOSLC' Star Jen Shah: Instagram, Job, Husband & Everything To Know

Next we met Heather, who truly believes in Mormonism, although she still drinks. In one of her interviews, she even said that “Mormons can attain perfection”, so she built a $20 million cosmetic procedure company. She was married into a family of extreme wealth, and when her and her husband divorced, she was still able to keep her business and let me tell you, it has flourished.

Heather Gay From 'RHOSLC': Instagram, Job & Everything To Know

The next housewife that popped up in the show was Meredith, who only lives in Utah part time, so I’m not too sure why she’s a RHOSLC but I guess beggars cannot be choosers. Meredith fully disclosed that she is jewish and mainly lives in Chicago with her husband and son. She runs a jewelry design business and owns a clothing store as well.

RHOSLC' Star Meredith Marks: Instagram, Job, Husband & Everything To Know

After Meredith, we met Lisa, the owner of a luxury marketing brand from New York. She told us that she was “a jew by heritage, mormon by choice”. Despite converting to mormonism, her and her husband own many tequila brands and are dabbling in the world of vodka.

Lisa Barlow claims she started Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Someone we didn’t get to see too much of was Whitney. All we really know from the first episode is that she renewed her vows with her husband and is totally not a Mormon anymore.

Whitney Rose From 'RHOSLC': Instagram, Job, Husband & Everything To Know

….and lastly we have my QUEEN, Mary. Mary is fabulous, she has no filter, she dresses to the 9’s, she married her step-grandfather. Yes, you read that right, she MARRIED her STEP-GRANDFATHER. She seems happy, but still, it’s a little on the weird side. Apparently, it was her grandmother’s “dying wish” that they get married… sounds like a branch that needs to fall off the family tree if you ask me.

RHOSLC: Mary Cosby Defends Marrying Her Grandfather As The 'Right' Thing

And there we have it! The not-so-Mormon Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. Let’s raise a glass to them, because from what I saw last night, it’s going to be a drama storm!

Where Are They Now Wednesday

WATNW- Camille Grammer

Famously married to actor Kelsey Grammar, Camille (Meyer) definitely made her mark on her time as a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills. Although she pops in and out randomly throughout newer seasons, Camille was only on RHOBH for two seasons, which I could have sworn she was on more, I guess the Bravo checks weren’t big enough, so she decided to settle for cameos.

Dinner Party from Hell, Season 1

Something we cannot forget about this Bravolebrity is her famously slandering Faye Resnick for her past photoshoots. That single dinner party set the entire vibe of Camille on Real Housewives. She may have big, innocent doe eyes, but the words that come out of Camille’s mouth are anything but the slightest bit of nice.

Since she’s been off the show officially, Camille has been keeping a low profile. She has been on Watch What Happens Live! a handful of times and according to her Instagram, is still traveling, giving her well wishes to her fans, and quarinting in her beach-front Malibu home. Ever since she’s been a housewife, I have always wondered: What does Camille actually do for a living? To me, it just seems like she’s married? In my deep dive of her past, apparently she has been a dancer, performer, screenwriter, and actor, but to me, she just seems like a Beverly Hills socialite.

Although Camille is not big on drinking, we still have to toast to her. So let’s cheers our whatever-filled glasses to Camille Meyer, a never forgotten addition to the first two seasons of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It was a pleasure to get to know her, but boy am I glad we don’t have to deal with her anymore.


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Secrets Revealed

Oh yes, it’s that sweet time of year when we get a “Secrets Revealed” episode, or as Kyle Richards calls it, “The Sh*t You Thought You Got Away With”. Dorit and her Gucci ice cubes, Garcelle wraps up her first season, Denise gets tongue tied and Erika bonds with her new friend, Sutton, over being southern.
First things first: we have to applaud Garcelle for successfully finishing the season with these crazy white women. Personally, I think Garcelle is an amazing addition to the show. She seems to simmer down the other women in the times things get a little heated and I live for it.
Of course, I cannot talk about RHOBH: Secrets Revealed without mentioning Bravo, Bravo, F*cking Bravo. As explained by Kyle, the saying “Bravo, Bravo, Bravo” was a lighthearted way the women would tell the network they were still touching up hair and makeup between replacing camera batteries. Apparently, Ms. Richards didn’t get the memo. How could she think that the network would just cut out an entire dinner table fight because of one saying? Unfortunately, Bravo had other plans for Denise and aired it anyway. And poor Lois in the background of the fight. Lois is too much of a goddess to sit with these women and hear them fight over Dorit’s glam agenda.
The last thing I have to bring up is: Sutton is fun? As we saw in Secrets Revealed, Sutton turned 48, but it seemed like her liver just turned 21. In all honesty, I am not a huge fan of hers, but she did make the show a little extra fun to watch with her little southern way of living. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of her in Season 11.
So let’s raise a glass of Reposado to honor Denise in her quest to fix her very public downfall and to Garcelle for completing her first season as an official housewife of Beverly Hills!


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I got super into The Real Housewives during quarantine, there was only so many Keeping Up with The Kardashian episodes I could watch before I needed a little more drama in my life and the women of the show certainly brought the drama I was searching for! Now that we are (barely) back to live as it was, I still cannot get enough of these women. 

Some may think the show is just women being dramatic and backstabbing each other, but what they don’t realize is that they are actual businesswomen. From the Skinny Girl brand to Ramona Wines and the countless clothing lines they have been able to create. These women are not only entertaining but are pretty inspiring.

Starting next week, I will be recapping a bunch of episodes and letting you know what I think. Keep an eye out for my next post, where I will be going over all three installments of the Beverly Hills reunion. Season 10 of RHOBH was a season to remember, I’m sure we can all agree on that and I will certainly get into that in my next post!

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