New content in the Pop industry

Welcome back to POP! Of Culture Weekly, where we discuss the highlights of all things entertainment for the week! This week, we cover Shawn Mendes’ new Netflix documentary and Ariana Grande’s new single! Check it out!

Shawn Mendes Gets a Netflix Documentary

Canadian singer/songwriter Shawn Mendes announced he will be coming out with a new Netflix documentary on Nov. 23 called In Wonder. Netflix dropped the trailer to his documentary on Tuesday. Mendes announced the news of his documentary last week on Instagram with a caption saying “Been working on this documentary for so long & am so excited to finally share it with you all.”

The documentary follows Mendes’ life and his rise to fame as well as the physical and emotional challenges of becoming a well-known artist. Watch the trailer for Mendes’ documentary below.

Ariana Grande Drops New Single, Positions

American singer/songwriter Ariana Grande dropped her first single off her new album, with the same title, called Positions on Friday, Oct. 23. The music video was set with presidential vibes with Grande herself as the woman in charge. Watch the music video below.

Grande first teased the arrival of her new album last week with a tweet saying “I can’t wait to give u my album this month.” She added no additional details after tweeting the announcement, leaving her fans on edge and waiting for her new music.

Bachelorettes and Billboards

Welcome back to POP! Of Culture Weekly, where we discuss the highlights of all things entertainment for the week! This week, we cover The Bachelorette and the 2020 Billboard Music Awards! Check it out!

ABC’s The Bachelorette Season 16 Begins

The hit ABC network reality show The Bachelorette, aired on Tuesday Oct. 13. This season of The Bachelorette was shot in a different location than previous seasons of the show. Because of the pandemic restricting them to film the show regularly, TV show host Chris Harrison, Bachelorette Clare Crawley, and the 31 men who hope to fall in love with her had to change a couple things to shoot the show safely.

The first thing that the Bachelor Nation noticed was that the show didn’t shoot at the usual Bachelor Mansion that past seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have shot at. Instead, this season was shot at the La Quinta Resort in Palm Springs. In this way, each of the men were able to have their own rooms to quarantine for 2 weeks and get tested for COVID-19. After the two weeks and testing negative, the men were finally able to meet Clare.

As Clare met her men and got to know a little bit more about them, there was one man that really caught her attention; Dale, a 31-year-old former pro football player from South Dakota. From the moment she saw Dale, it was like “love at first sight”.

After getting to know the men, a little bit of drama and giving Dale the first impression rose, Clare sent eight men home, leaving the other 23 men still hopeful for love.

2020 Billboard Music Awards Highlights

The 2020 Billboard Music Awards took place on Wednesday, Oct. 14. To follow the COVID-19 rules, the audience members and some award winners attended the show virtually. The show, which usually takes place in the Spring, was delayed for five months because of the pandemic.

The show had lots of performances from top artists in pop music. Demi Lovato performed her new politically-charged song Commander In Chief. John Legend also performed at the award show and dedicated his song Never Break to his wife Chrissy Teigen after they suffered the loss of their unborn child just a couple weeks ago. BTS lit up the stage from South Korea with their song Dynamite.

The Icon Award, presented by Cher, was given to Garth Brooks. This year, the Billboard Music Awards created a new award called the Change Maker Award. This award was given to rapper, singer/songwriter and actor Killer Mike. Post Malone was the biggest winner of the night with a total of nine awards including Top Artist, Top Male Artist, Top Rap Artist, etc.

photo from Billboard Music Awards’ Twitter.

Farwells and Flies

Welcome back to POP! Of Culture Weekly, where we discuss the highlights of all things entertainment for the week! This week, we cover the passing of Eddie Van Halen and celebrity reactions to the vice presidential debate.

Eddie Van Halen Passes

Legendary rock ‘n’ roll guitarist, Eddie Van Halen has sadly passed away this week on Tuesday, Oct. 6. In a 20-year-long battle with cancer, Van Halen passed at the age of 65. In an Instagram post, bandmate and son of Eddie Van Halen, Wolf Van Halen shared a touching post and photo about the passing of his father saying ” He was the best father I could ever ask for. Every moment I’ve shared with him on and off stage was a gift.”

photo from Wolf Val Halen’s Instagram

Celebrities React to Fly That Lands on Vice President, Mike Pence

During the 2020 United States Vice presidential debate on Oct. 7, a fly perches on Vice President, Mike Pence’s head while he debates with Democratic vice presidential nominee, Kamala Harris. Neither the moderator or Harris pointed out the fly during its 2-minute stay on the vice president’s head. Pence also seemed to be indifferent to the fly as well.

Celebrities watching the debate at home were quick to react to this situation. Chance the Rapper took to Twitter to say “ITS A FLY ON HIS HEAD.”

photo from Chance the Rapper’s Twitter

American author, Stephen King also took to Twitter to comment on the uninvited guest that showed up at the vice presidential debate. King wrote “THE LORD OF THE FLIES, starring Mike Pence! Coming to a streaming platform near you.”

photo from Stephen King’s Twitter

Even the Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden reacted on Twitter by tweeting a photo of himself holding a fly swatter and the caption “Pitch in $5 to help this campaign fly.”

photo from Joe Biden’s Twitter

The loss of lovers and children

Welcome back to POP! Of Culture Weekly, where we discuss the highlights of all things entertainment for the week! This week, we cover Max Ehrich’s comments about his split with ex-fiancée, Demi Lovato as well as the loss of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s unborn child.

Max Ehrich Speaks Out about His Short-lived Engagement to Demi Lovato

Actor, singer, and dancer, Max Ehrich went live on Instagram and spoke out about his relationship with his ex-fiancée, singer-songwriter and actress, Demi Lovato. On the Instagram Live, Ehrich expressed that he thought the split was the “most bizarre experience that I hope that no one has to experience ever.”

Since the news about their split, Demi has released a song called Still Have Me, supposedly written about her recent breakup with Ehrich. In response to the release of the song, Ehrich said on his Live that “I thought I was the real deal. Now I found out that I was used.”

Demi has not reacted or spoke out about the split or Ehrich’s comments about their relationship.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Mourn the Loss of Their Unborn Son

Model and television personality, Chrissy Teigen and singer-songwriter, John Legend have sadly suffered the loss of their unborn son, Jack. Halfway through her pregnancy, Teigen experienced complications and was put on bed rest for bleeding. The model/ TV personality shared the news on her social media on Sept. 30 expressing her grief and love for Jack, John, and their two children Luna and Miles.

Chrissy Teigen shares photos and a heartfelt message about the loss of her unborn child they called Jack.