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Demonic Possession

A few weeks ago, I binged the series Evil on Netflix. The show is about a Catholic priest-in-training who hires a skeptical clinical psychologist, and a blue-collar contractor who investigated paranormal happenings to see if their is a logical explanation… Continue Reading →

Ghosts That Visit for the Holidays

This year has been a whacky one with COVID and social distancing so when my step-sister asked if I could dogsit this weekend, I said I would since I wouldn’t be able to see most of my family this year… Continue Reading →

Mothman: The Legend in the Sky

Another one of my personal favorite cryptids is Mothman. I remember watching a Discovery channel episode of Mothman when I was around 11-years old, which freaked me out but fascinated me at the same time. The internet has an obsession… Continue Reading →

Paris Catacombs – The Bones of Over 6 Million Souls Under the City

Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world with the reputation for romance and adventure. Over 40 million people visit Paris a year, but not all may know they are walking over 200 miles of tunnels filled… Continue Reading →

Goldfield Historic Cemetery – Nevada

Nevada is on almost everyone’s mind this week due to the election. But this got me thinking; what haunted places are there in the state of Nevada? Today we will take a look into the haunted history of the Goldfield… Continue Reading →

Halloween Ghost Hunting Tips

With Halloween plans changing because of COVID this year, I’m going to suggest you give ghost hunting a try! There won’t be any Trick or Treating or any bar hopping in a fun costume for most people this year, so… Continue Reading →

Whitewater Witches – Local Folklore and Legends

Whitewater Wisconsin has a full list of creepy legends and folklore. The one that you hear first is about the Witches of Whitewater, but there was also a man named Morris Pratt who made an institute all about spiritualism and… Continue Reading →

Wisconsin’s Haunted Bed and Breakfast: Brumder Mansion

The Brumder Mansion is located in Milwaukee, WI and has no shortage of paranormal activity within the historic Victorian walls. There have been reported sighting’s of spirits from customers and workers of seeing the same apparitions. However, it is a… Continue Reading →


One of the most horrifying things I can think of is a skin-walker. According to Navajo legend, they are a type of harmful witch that has the ability to shapeshift, usually into animal forms, but can possess humans and take… Continue Reading →

Challenging My Psychic Skepticism

I’ve never had a good feeling about psychics and psychic readings. My perception is that people who claim to be clairvoyant are lying to vulnerable people in a time of need. Maybe they’re not lying, but they’re using a person’s… Continue Reading →

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