I’ve never had a good feeling about psychics and psychic readings. My perception is that people who claim to be clairvoyant are lying to vulnerable people in a time of need. Maybe they’re not lying, but they’re using a person’s reactions, clothes, or anything on them when reading them and make an educated guess with their intuition; But not supernatural intuition. Having intuition is a skill people do have, but I don’t believe it comes from a paranormal power. I’ve seen stories online of psychics getting caught in a lie which sticks in my mind. So, to challenge my belief about psychics, I went to get a reading this past weekend.

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I wanted to do this the right way so I started researching on what to do when you go see a psychic. The advice I got was to be open minded and not go just to go. You shouldn’t go just to try and prove that they aren’t real since it’s a waste of both of your times. You wouldn’t go to a doctor just to tell them they don’t know what they’re talking about. In any context, going to someone at their job to try and make a fool out of them is completely rude. So while I am a skeptic, my intention wasn’t to go and prove to a total stranger they don’t know what they’re talking about.

I went to a place in Janesville called Earthsong Books and Gifts. You know exactly what you’re getting into when you walk in since you’re slapped in the face with the scent of patchouli and see beautiful, shining crystals.

It’s a small shop filled with many trinkets, essential oils, and books that are spiritual related. It felt like a welcoming and open place. I looked on the website before going so I knew who I would see.

The woman I saw claims to be a Psychic Medium/Clairvoyant so she can connect with passed loved ones, spirit guides, angels, and spirit animals. The appointment was easy to make since they accept walk in appointments, but you can call ahead if you want. I signed up for a 15 minute appointment which was $20 and I was pretty happy with the price. 15 minutes doesn’t sound like a lot of time, but it turned out to be good for me.

Earthsong Books & Gifts Website

She first asked me my name which she wrote on the notebook in front of her. She explained that she could connect with loved ones who have passed on and asked if I had anyone to speak to. She also mentioned that 15 minutes isn’t that long of a time so I should ask questions as soon as they pop up. I’m fortunate enough to not have anyone close to me die yet so no one really pops in my mind other than my dad’s twin sister who passed away when they were both young. I wait a while to mention her name, but tell her my purpose for being here is to connect with my spirit guides.

At this point, I’m not sure if I really believe in spirit guides, but it’s something that has always been fascinating to me so I went in with an open mind. Even though it’s COVID times, she takes my hands in hers around the plexiglass window and gets a feel for my energy. She said a prayer asking for only good spirits to come forward which is something I never even considered being an issue. After a few moments, she starts writing down on the paper. I then tell her about my dad’s sister, who passed over 45 years ago, just kind of as an after thought to see if anything would come of it.

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She tells me I have two main spirit guides around me; one is a very short old lady who is “fussy” over me, and the other is a tall, strong Amazonian-like woman. The old woman is always concerned about how much I am sleeping and how well I am eating. In my mind, I was still being skeptical that the reader could just tell by looking at me that I needed more sleep from the bags under my eyes and I’ve definitely gained that quarantine 15. But I still loved the idea of an old woman just always pushing me to be healthier, even though I grabbed a McChicken from McDonalds right before I got there (sorry old lady).

She also said the Amazonian-like woman wants me to speak more and that I’m holding myself back from speaking. For whatever reason, this made me get emotional and I started tearing up. Again, even in my emotions, I’m wondering if she says this to every woman who comes to see her because I feel like it’s a pretty common experience a lot of women have holding back their voice. She then brings up that she saw bright lights and I was concerned that meant I was going to die soon, but that’s not what she meant.

She said she saw bright city lights and I’d live there for around 5 years. This strikes me since recently I’ve really realized how much I like big cities since living in Minneapolis for the summer, but again, it’s common for people to want to move into the city. She then asks me what I’m currently doing and I tell her I’m a student studying Graphic Design who wants to work in an agency after graduation. Her next words really caught me off guard because she said that she saw me working on ad campaigns.

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I never mentioned my advertising minor and I really don’t know how she could have gotten that other than me mentioning an agency. So at this point, not that my guard was really up fully, but I’m starting to believe this woman in front of me. She keeps describing the job to me and it’s my dream job that I’ve wanted, but I’m too scared to even write it out since I don’t want to jinx it! If you come talk to me in person, I’ll tell you.

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So of course, we get to that part where we bring up my love life. Which I was really hoping to avoid, but if you see a psychic, you already kind of what to know what they’re going to say about love.

She mentions my dad’s sister saying that I pick bad men. Which for a person who died at 6, is a really strange thing to say but whatever, I already know this information about me. She asks me if there is already a guy in my life who has short, blond hair and wears glasses. I am completely drawing a blank because I don’t know any guy that looks like that currently. She says that they’re already in my life or they’re coming soon.

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She starts to lose me again but it’s really entertaining to hear a stranger tell me who my soulmate looks like. She also said he’d be doing science or something related to math. I don’t know, apparently they are going to be smart so that’s cool. That was the majority of the session that I spent with her and for $20, I was satisfied.

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Overall, I feel like this woman has a gift of intuition, but I am still a little skeptical overall. She was such a kind, warm woman where I could see how going to any psychic like her could be a healing experience. She did shock me a few times on how she knew certain things so I don’t think she’s only doing it for money. She seemed to really want to connect and help people. This woman gave me a good experience and I felt happy that I went to see her. When I was back in my car, racking my brain about a guy with blond hair and glasses, I looked over at my McDonald’s bag and just laughed at the thought of the old woman who was staring at me above with a disappointed look on her face.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels