This year has been a whacky one with COVID and social distancing so when my step-sister asked if I could dogsit this weekend, I said I would since I wouldn’t be able to see most of my family this year anyway. I played it safe for Thanksgiving, but my step-sis claimed her house is haunted. Well, I didn’t really believe her so much, but I did last night.

I was going to be completely alone from the 24-28th watching her two very cute dogs. One is a white German Shepard and the other is a Red-Nosed Pitbull puppy, so I felt pretty protected alone in the house with them. I’ve watched them both once before and nothing spooky ever happened. But last night was different.

Greta and Ella

So I haven’t had any personal ghost sightings since I was a child and I’ve explained it off as having an over active imagination and watching too many horror movies I probably shouldn’t have watched. I never intended for this blog to tell my own personal ghost stories because well, I don’t really have any. But my family still claims they all saw something or experienced something paranormal in our old duplex. My sisters and I would see a shadow figure going into the halls and doors in the house. Us being immature and young, we gave it the name “turd man” which now that I think about it, is such an absurd name.

Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels

I also remember seeing the torso-on-up of a little blonde girl in a blue sweater by our back porch and she disappeared the next second. There would be three knocks on the bathroom door when taking a bath and no one would come in. Plus doors would open on their own with no one on the other side. My step-sister, who I am dogsitting for, used to get really bad dreams in that house about her mom being possessed and said she would see figures in her room at night. SUPER CREEPY STUFF in that house. She says she’ll still have nightmares of that house at least once a month.

So it’s pretty obvious my family really believes in ghosts. And I do to some extent, but not like them. They REALLY believe as to where I will always try to explain it as something else. But one thing my family claims is that dead relatives will visit over the holidays. My step-mom claims her passed cousin will flicker the tree lights near Christmas time to tell her she’s around. Well, last night, I think my step-sister’s husbands relatives were around last night.

I didn’t see anything myself. I was eating some dinner in the kitchen and the dogs were of course begging me for some food. Then, the Pitbull puppy starts staring down the hall behind me and is growling. She doesn’t make a lot of noise in general, which is why it really freaked me out. Ella the pup is just freaking out at this dark hallway for no reason. I think maybe it’s the cat she’s freaking out about, but I check and she’s fast asleep in the living room out of sight from Ella. I get up to see if there’s anything there and there isn’t.


I tell her to calm down and she does for a while. Then she starts staring behind me again and is growling. It’s freaking me out so much that I give the dogs a few bites of food and move myself to the living room so whatever is in the hall behind me won’t be freaking out Ella anymore. I text my sister asking her what I should do about the ghosts in her house. It’s around 9pm so I’m pretty scared and it’s dark outside. My mind can’t think anything else other than ghosts right now.


She tells me that her husband’s family has been living in that house for a few generations and his grandfather and other relatives have passed in the house. She tells me that there’s some sage I can burn if I really want to and there’s some crystals in the living room. I don’t really believe in crystals and I was afraid I would piss off whatever is in the house with the sage. My solution was to ask her husband to tell his dead relatives to chill telepathically, turn on the TV, and turn on every light in the house.

Later, when I go in the room to sleep, the dogs are laying on the bed with me and I feel better. I’m sleeping with the lights on, but then I hear something move in the closet. My heart is beating pretty fast and what makes it worse is that the dogs heard it too. I just go on my phone and distract myself. Nothing else happened the rest of the night.


Do I think it’s my sister’s husbands relatives that are confused as to why they’re not home celebrating Thanksgiving at their house? Kind of. But I didn’t see anything. I tried to tell myself it was a mouse or something since Ella looked like she was mostly looking at the ground. I hope it’s not mice because that’s suck for my sis, but I hope it is for the rest of the time I’m there. It really could have just been normal house noises and I was just more aware because of how freaked out I felt. It can go back to being ghosts once I’m no longer there alone. I’m wondering if any of you have holiday ghosts that visit? Or if your animals have ever acted in strange ways that could relate to the paranormal? Leave me a comment if you do!