Another one of my personal favorite cryptids is Mothman. I remember watching a Discovery channel episode of Mothman when I was around 11-years old, which freaked me out but fascinated me at the same time. The internet has an obsession and soft spot for this crazy humanoid who recently had a sighting at the O’Hare Airport this past September. Come dive into this captivating cryptid with me.


The start of the folklore came to be in Point Pleasant, West Virginia in 1966. Two couples were going for a late night drive when they spotted a “large flying man with ten-foot wings”. The gray creature’s eyes glowed red when the headlights hit them and they fled the scene in their car at fast speeds. The couples said the Monster Bird started chasing their car as they tried to get away.

Since the first sighting, many people started reporting seeing this strange man with huge wings. The town started blaming all of the bad happenings on this Mothman. Eight people reported their dogs missing within the following weeks and to explain it off as the Mothman’s doing. The creature has remained an important part of West Virgina’s folklore with a 12-foot tall statue in the town of Point Pleasant.


While the legend started in West Virginia, other states and countries have reported sightings as well. There are conspiracy theorist that think he was sighted at Chernobyl right before the nuclear disaster. There have been 55+ reports of seeing Mothman in Chicago between 2011-2020. The most recent sighting of the creature was September 24th, 2020. Here is her story.

A United States Postal Service worker of 15 years was leaving the USPS Sorting Facility at the O’Hare Airport around 11pm. She thought she saw a man at the end of the parking lot in a long coat but when she unlocked her car, the headlights caused the eyes to glow red.

She quickly realized it wasn’t a man but some sort of creature, maybe a bird, but was at least 2 feet taller than her 5’4″ frame. The creature turned and spread it’s wings, but there are no birds that big in Chicago. The creature screeched and flew off into the air above her. Read her exact telling of the story here.

I’m not sure why there are so many sightings of the Mothman in Chicago, but it sure is interesting how many sightings there are in total. While science suggest there is no way for this creature to exist, it’s still terrifying people are seeing this thing to this day. While my mind wants to check it off as mass hysteria, but part of me wants to believe it’s real. I am skeptical, but Mothman still has a special place in my and many others hearts on the internet.

Incase the other pictures were too creepy, here is cute Mothman!