Nevada is on almost everyone’s mind this week due to the election. But this got me thinking; what haunted places are there in the state of Nevada? Today we will take a look into the haunted history of the Goldfield Historic Cemetery.


Today, Goldfield is considered a living ghost town but was once a boomtown for the search of gold. Gold was first discovered in 1902 which made the town rich for almost two decades. But with any boomtown in the west, eventually the gold ran out and the mining companies moved away. The most prominent years of gold mining were between 1902-1919 which leaves us with around 17 years of deaths which made for an interesting cemetery.

The original location of the cemetery was right in the center of town, but with the population growing rapidly to around 20,000 people, the first sight of a cemetery while getting off the train was not a good look for Goldfield. The town decided to relocated the burial grounds further away. They dug up the remains of the dead and moved them during the night.

Modern Day

Today, there are around 1,200 people that are buried in the cemetery which means there’s more dead than alive people in Goldfield. Almost all the headstones are made out of crudely shaped stone with some having the cause of death and date labeled on them. Volunteers help keep the tombstones labeled by painting the dates red with many marked as miner or unknown. One of the most famous tombstone is of the Unknown man who died from eating Library paste. While this seems like a ridiculous way to die, there was a lot of hunger within the town and he thought eating toxic library paste was better than eating nothing at all.

I think this would be a great site for a paranormal investigation, but it should be noted that this is still used for the modern day people living here as their burial site. I think you could get some interesting paranormal finds at this historic American cemetery.