With Halloween plans changing because of COVID this year, I’m going to suggest you give ghost hunting a try! There won’t be any Trick or Treating or any bar hopping in a fun costume for most people this year, so get your Halloween spirit on by trying some amateur ghost hunting.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Ghost hunting can be for skeptics and believers to try. One of my favorite duo’s of skeptic/believer hunting is Shane Madej and Ryan Bergara from BuzzFeed Unsolved: Supernatural. They turn ghost hunting into a comedic and spooky adventure with their hilarious dualities of beliefs. I think what ever your stance is on ghosts or not, you can have fun with friends this Halloween. So here is what you’re going to need:

  • An open mind is something you’re going to want to have while hunting. It’s all about curiosity when searching for the paranormal so an open mind will allow you to bring your guard down and let entities interact with you.
  • A haunted place – I don’t suggest trespassing into abandoned houses or buildings without permission since the horror should be focused on ghosts and not getting arrested. Use your grandma’s creepy basement or your friend’s haunted bedroom. Or just try your living room!
  • A phone or recording device will aid you on finding evidence. I don’t suggest buying anything super expensive just for a night of fun and a phone will work just fine! Your phone can help you pick up EVPs. EVP stands for electronic voice phenomenon where you can pick up voices not heard at time of the recording, but can be heard after playing it back. You can use the Voice Memo app on iPhone or the Voice Recorder found on Android.
  • A camera will also be your friend when searching. You can use your phone for this too, but if you have a Polaroid, it is even better. A Polaroid allows you to believe that you caught something since there is no photoshop with the physical photo.

That’s all you’ll need for a good ghost hunting session! My advice is to not use an Ouija board. I think we’ve all seen those movies where it goes terribly wrong. You can ask the spirit their name, how old they are, and maybe how they died. Don’t invite anything dangerous into the investigation and if you meet a demon, don’t forget the Holy Water. Happy Hunting!