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Becoming Inspired to Get Organized

It can be tough to start becoming organized, especially if it is not something that you are used to. I promise it makes everything much easier if you have an organized life. Here are some ways that can hopefully help inspire you to get organized.

  1. Think of the benefits
    • If you think ahead about how getting organized will benefit your life, you will most likely be more motivated to start. Having a clean, tidy environment can help you be more productive, less stressed, and at ease. Think of how it will make you feel or how the space/environment that you are working with will look in the end. Soon after starting, you can make it a daily, weekly, or monthly routine to organize certain areas of your life, which will positively impact you.
  2. Turn it into an amusement
    • Try to make it into a pleasurable activity rather than a chore. One way I like to do this is to play music while I am organizing or cleaning something because it makes it more enjoyable, and it goes by faster. Think of the positive aspects of it rather than the negatives, like feeling productive and satisfied when you are all done.
  3. Start small
    • Don’t start by tackling a big project. Begin by taking something small or breaking up a larger project into smaller parts. If you try to do too much at once, it will become overwhelming, and you will probably not want to do it anymore. Take your time, but also work efficiently to get the best outcome.


  • Lindsey Buchanan

    Hi Britney,
    I love how your blog and how you are inspiring people to stay tidy and clean! I loved how you talked about to start small, turn cleaning into a fun activity, and to think of the benefits of staying organized and clean.

  • Julianne Gantar

    Hi Britney!
    This blog was just what I needed to be reading as I look around at my cluttered room. Thinking of the benefits and the idea of starting small is exactly what I needed to push me to get everything back into order! I also love listening to music while I clean or organize things!

  • Christian Olivera

    Hey Britney,

    Staying organized sometimes isn’t the easiest things to do, especially as a college student. Since we have so much going on at one time here and there, staying organized can be a challenge sometimes forsure. Starting small by doing little things at a time is definitely a good start and I believe that can lead to becoming a lot more stressed out.

  • Brianna Olstad

    Hi Britney!

    I think motivation is a crucial aspect of becoming organized. Without inspiration, how would you get there? I enjoyed how you started small and went big. There are TONS of benefits to staying organized, especially as a college student. It truly can be turned into amusement too! I love to play music or watch a show while organizing and cleaning my room. Starting small sounds like the perfect first step in beginning one’s organization journey. Thanks for sharing!

  • Sawyer Novara

    I love listening to music while I organize or clean. If anything, I focus more on the music than what I’m actually doing and it allows me to practice my singing while I’m getting chores done so I knock out two birds with one stone.

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