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Disconnecting from the Internet/Social Media

Disconnecting from the internet every once in a while can have so many benefits for your mind. It can help clear your head and make you focus on more important tasks that need to get done. Here are some easy ways to help you disconnect from the internet to focus on more important issues.

  1. Put your phone on “do not disturb”
    • Whenever you are working on something important, always put your phone on do not disturb. I personally always keep my phone on do not disturb when I do my school work because it helps me stay focused and keeps me from getting distracted from my work. The second you get a notification, you most likely are going to want to see what it is and who it’s from. It can take so much time off of daily tasks that you are trying to complete and keep you from being productive throughout the day.
  2. Limit your time
    • Limit the time you allow yourself to spend on the internet or apps on your phone. If you have multiple social media accounts, it is so easy to scroll through each one for hours on end. To a point, it becomes really unhealthy for your mind. It’s important to monitor how much time you spend on social media because often times people lose track of time while they are scrolling through feed on certain apps. There is a feature on the iPhone that allows you to limit the time spent on apps. If you are unaware of this, go to settings- screen time- app limits, and you can set time limits for each app on your phone.
  3. Keep yourself busy
    • Try to keep yourself busy throughout the day to limit the time spent on your phone or social media. Make plans with a family member or friend, do some physical activities, and most importantly, do your work!! We are all getting to the point in the semester where we are unmotivated to do school work, and we just want to be done. The semester is not over yet, so push through and keep going!


  • Lindsey Buchanan

    Hi Britney,
    I agree its super important to put our phones down throughout the day espesially as we get more unmotivated at the end of the semester, phones can be really distracting. While doing school work I try not to look at my phone because it makes me work longer and not harder. When focusing its important to limit your distractions.

  • Brianna Olstad

    Hi Britney!

    My phone is the biggest distraction when it comes to homework and being productive. Do not disturb is a great way to keep distractions to a minimum, and honestly, I should do that more. If I do not see a notification pop up, I find that I don’t check my phone as often. In one of my blog posts, Balancing Your Schedule, I talk about chunking your days into sections. With this, I designate time to “plug-in” and “plug-out.” These are times that I allow myself to be on my phone, answer texts, go on Instagram, or watch Tik Toks, and when that allotted time is over, I “plug-out” and put my phone down to become focused again.

    Thanks for sharing these tips!

  • Sawyer Novara

    I have to put my phone on silent sometimes and turn it facedown while I’m working on something that takes a lot of time so that there’s no vibration and I don’t see the screen turn on. If I know that someone sent something to me, I’ll pick it up without hesitation and become distracted.

  • Anna Lichtie

    I think my phone is my biggest distraction. Sometimes I set a timer and don’t go on my phone until the timer is up, which is a great way to motivate me to be focused. Do not disturb, which you mentioned, is also a great tool that is built right into our phones. Nice post!

  • Nadia Foltz

    Hi Britney!

    I strongly believe we need to connect from the internet and social media. I think it is good for our health and mental health. I think we are less productive if we spend so much time on our phone. I know sometime I can be guilty of this, being on my phone for long periods of time without even realizing it! This was a great post

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