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Dealing With Distractions

We all deal with distractions on a daily, whether it be at work, school, or somewhere else. Some days it can just be really hard to focus. Here are some ideas to help deal with distractions to be more productive.

  1. Limit time spent on a task/assignment
    • Set a specific amount of time to spend on a task or assignment. It leaves less room for distractions if you only have a certain amount of time because you are trying to be focused that whole time to get it done. If you spend an excessive amount of time trying to get one thing done, your mind is bound to wander, and you will not be putting in your best effort. Work harder, not longer.
  2. Take a break or move on to something else
    • If you catch yourself getting distracted multiple times in a short amount of time while working on the same task, it may be time to take a break. It could also be beneficial to move on to something else because your mind might be fighting boredom, and your work may not have been engaging enough for your full attention.
  3. Have a plan the day before
    • Set a couple of goals that you have for the day the night before. Doing this will help you stay focused and be more motivated to complete the goals that you set for yourself. If you write them down, you are even more likely to achieve them because you have made it a priority. It will also make you feel more productive, which can help you complete other tasks throughout the day. I know that when I have achieved multiple goals for the day, I feel motivated to keep going, whereas if I have not achieved anything for the day, I am not motivated to start or finish any tasks.


  • Lindsey Buchanan

    Hi Britney,
    I love this post! When I do online school I try to focus as hard as possible & work harder, so that my assignments take less time. When we focus harder, and theres less distractions were able to actually get more done! I also agree with setting a couple goals the day of or night before. Before homework I always write down what I have to get done for the day so that I am able to visually see it and it motivates me to get it done! Love these tips and also agree with everything your saying.

  • Nadia Foltz

    Hi Britney! I also loved this post because it is very true. I really liked your first bullet point, talking about limit the time spent on a certain task or assignment. I have never thought of this and I think it is really good idea! I am going to start setting time aside for each assignment and will see if this will help. I can get distracted easily if it is an assignment I am dreading so all these point you made are great tips!

  • Anna Lichtie

    I get distracted very easily so this post was a really great way for me to take in some new ideas on how to handle it. I struggle to make plans to study some days which I think would really help me. Thanks for sharing these tips!

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