The North Corridor

Artist: Chevelle Album: The North Corridor

In keeping a theme with bands going heavier this week, The North Corridor by Chevelle, released in 2016, is another prime example of bands going heavier. Door to Door Cannibals is a great opener for setting the tone due to it’s heavy opening riff. Enemies is a punk inspired, fast paced tempo rush, while Shot From A Cannon takes on a slower tempo. Warhol’s Showbiz and Young Wicked are packed to the max with energy and headbanging riffs. Rivers is the song that sounds closest to other Chevelle albums. Punchline is the albums slow song and is an experimental one because it’s composed in large part from synth instruments. The chorus of Got Burned is a great mix of screaming and singing vocals with a slide guitar riff during the verse that complement each other well.


There’s only three standout guitar solos, one’s on Young Wicked and Warhol’s Showbiz, and one on Door to Door Cannibals, and that solo is seven notes tremolo picked over roughly a minute. Drumming patterns focus on speed for the majority of the album. There aren’t many complex chords for guitarists, as the band tends to use barre chords. Vocalists will have to deal with both clean singing and screaming vocalizations throughout the album. Bass either follows the guitar riffs, of becomes a rhythm guitar when the actual guitar plays a lead part.


While Shot From A Cannon is eight minutes long, it’s arguably the easiest on the album for all instruments, due to it’s mid paced tempo, leading to the guitar and bass having start and stop chords and notes for the majority of the song. Bassists will find the hardest song being Joyride just with the intro alone. Drummers require quick and and foot coordination to keep up with Enemies.

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