Artist: Bring Me The Horizon Album: Amo

Bring Me The Horizon have been trying new things since they started out as a deathcore band, and with the release of Amo, releases in January of this year, they’ve officially entered the pop category. The songs that remain closest to their previous sound are MANTRA and Wonderful Life, but they remain more in the pop-rock category. Heavy Metal is on the heavier side, but at the same time, pokes fun at the people who want Bring Me The Horizon to return to their heavier days. This album isn’t one I like because I can’t stand pop elements in songs, and this album pushes them to the front, opposed to That’s The Spirit, which hid them in the background for the most part.


I will admit variety is key here, with a mix between pop rock and electronic pop. As for the instruments, the guitars focus on single note riffs opposed to using chords, except for the choruses. Drum patterns rely heavily on the hi-hat, snare, and bass drum. There’s little screaming compared to previous albums, but there’s some standard rock vocals, and plenty of heavily processed pop-synth vocal effects, which is a shame because there’s some good lyrics in here, but the synth makes them hard to hear.


This album will be a good entry to beginning musicians. MANTRA provides likely the largest challenge for all instruments on the album, but nothing that will take an absurd amount of practice to learn. Bassist and drummers can enjoy learning Sugar, Honey, Ice and Tea, while guitarists will like to play Wonderful Life, with it’s simple but heavy riffage.

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