The membership year begins in July, but as long as you’re here, why not pay dues now!

Full-Time Professional: fully employed instructors and other related professionals.

Part-Time Professional:  employed part-time as instructors or related professionals.

Student/Underemployed: students, under- or unemployed persons, Emeritus, retired professionals, and members of the community who share our interests and commitments.

Travel Fund: Grants support students, under- and unemployed attendees.  Travel grants may be awarded at two levels: full grant: $75.00, partial grant: any amount under $75.00.  Ask for what you need based on the cost of the trip.  For example, grants of $25 are just fine to request.

NEW! Child Care Fund: A separate grant, up to $75.00, is available to support child care for students, under- and unemployed attendees.

All contributions go to supporting travel grants and child care grants for students, under- and unemployed attendees.

2019-20 Dues (USD)

Tenured:  $50.00

Not Tenured: $30.00

Adjunct/Part Time: $20.00

Student/Retired/Under- Unemployed: $5.00

Please contribute to our Travel Grant/Child Care Funds:  $25.00 more if you can, less if you can’t. Any amount helps!  ($75.00 covers a full grant)

To pay dues via Paypal:

Select your membership level then click “add to cart.”

The Paypal option is not currently available. Please pay by check or money order.  We are working on another online payment method.  Thank you for your support!

Please support our travel grant and child care grant funds. Full grants are $75. Amounts can be added in multiples of $5.

To pay dues by check or money order, mail to:

Midwest SWIP

c/o Barry DeCoster
Dept of Humanities and Communication
106 New Scotland Ave
Albany NY 12208

Thank you!