Call for Abstracts:
The Midwest U.S. Division of the Society for Women in Philosophy invites papers in all areas of feminist philosophy, theory, and praxis, including but not limited to ethics, social/political philosophy, aesthetics, phenomenology, existentialism, epistemology, and metaphysics. U.S. Midwest SWIP is interested in enriching discussions about contemporary social and political issues, and we welcome work that interrogates how such issues intersect with race, gender, ability, sexuality, class, and the like.

For our 2022 conference, USMSWIP is pleased to welcome MARIANA ORTEGA as our keynote speaker.

Submission Guidelines:
Please submit an extended abstract of 800-1000 words with a preliminary bibliography (We will also accept full paper submissions of no more than 3000 words). Please send all submissions as MS word documents, and include as a separate attachment, a cover page with the title, institutional affiliation, rank or occupation, and email address of the presenters to: midwestusswip@gmail.com by May 1st, May 9, 2022.

In light of this year’s keynote address, we are particularly interested in submissions that engage with the art of trespassing, how to use art resistantly, liminality and resistance, Latinidad, and/or the work of Mariana Ortega specifically, and will give preference to submissions that address these topics.

Other potential themes include:

  • –  Mass Incarceration, Cradle-to-prison Pipeline, and Carceral Feminisms
  • –  Sexual Assault and Gender-based Violence
  • –  Police and State Violence against People of Color and Trans* People
  • –  Coloniality and Decolonial Methodologies
  • –  Queer/Crip Theory and Disability Studies
  • –  Insurrectional Political Action and Uprisings
  • –  Reproductive Justice
  • –  Climate Change, the Anthropocene, and Muzzling/Silencing of Climate Research
  • –  Indigeneity and Indigenous Rights
  • –  Immigration, Assimilation, and Statelessness
  • –  Austerity Measures and Neoliberalism
  • –  Food Justice and Food Politics
  • –  Social Epistemology, esp. investigations into and critical readings of epistemology of ignorance and epistemology of resistance literature
  • –  Pluralist and/or Multiplicitous theories of Identity

About the Midwest SWIP program

The program committee gives preference to women and members of other marginalized groups who are working on feminist projects that engage multiple axes of oppression. We also welcome the work of scholars at any stage in their careers.


Host Institution

Department of Philosophy Marquette University Milwaukee, WI

Thanks to generous support from the Association of Marquette University Women and Marquette’s Center for the Advancement of the Humanities, hotel accommodation for presenters will be provided. Once your conference submission is accepted, and you wish to make lodging arrangements, please contact our host liaison.

Host Liaison

Dr. Desiree Valentine


Program Organizer

Dr. Meredith Verrochi